Locally-grown milk in Athens, Georgia

Lead photo from Farm Dreams blog, Atlanta, Georgia

Lead photo from Farm Dreams blog, Atlanta, Georgia

All across the continent, health-minded folks are establishing their own local supply networks for food outside the mainstream agribusiness-supermarket paradigm. Here’s one more example of this phenomenon, this time from Athens, Georgia. Read the whole story here. Or start with this excerpt:

“…Moving here I was worried about finding local sources for everything. I got on Local Harvest and found out about a group called Athens Locally Grown. It is basically a co-op. A group of people found farmers that would provide products every week. On Sunday, they post what is available that week and members can place an order. The organizers then go around to all the farms and pick up the orders, then the members go pick up their orders at a centralized place at an arranged time.

They have produce of all types, eggs, meat and raw milk. The meat to choose from included beef, chicken, pork, lamb and goat. The raw milk included cow and goat milk. They also have many cheeses.

We placed an order last week and went to pick it up….”

“…Here was the line we waited in to pick up our order. The line was consistently this long the whole time we were there, which was over an hour. Pick up is during a 4 hour time window. I don’t know if it is this busy the whole 4 hours….”

Picking up orders of local food at the Athens Georgia coop

Read the whole story and see ALL the pictures here.

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