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China’s contamination crisis deepens

This story comes to us from the Chinaworker news site

This story comes to us from the "Chinaworker" news site

Even eggs are contaminated with melamine in China. Photo from Mercola.

Even eggs are contaminated with melamine in China. Photo from Mercola.

Here’s an Asian perspective on the contaminated milk crisis — in which it seems much more than milk is contaminated, and the contaminants are not limited to melamine. Here’s an excerpt from the Chinaworker site, from a story dated November 3rd, 2008:

Fish, pork, and chicken contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine along with milk and eggs

Vincent Kolo, chinaworker.info

China’s food contamination crisis deepens by the day. More rigorous food testing in the wake of September’s toxic milk scandal has unearthed widespread use of melamine – a chemical used to make plastics and glue – in a range of animal products including eggs and fish. Melamine is banned from food production as it causes kidney and liver disorders. This was tragically shown when four infants died and more than 13,000 were hospitalised after being weaned on tainted infant formula. Melamine had been deliberately added to thinned-out milk to raise its protein content – and profits. Chinese people are used to food scares. But the plight of small children, given the government’s one child policy, meant this scandal would inevitably have massive repercussions. Sales of milk and milk products have plunged since mid-September. The government has faced a storm of pressure effectively ending its Olympic ‘honeymoon period’. Continue reading

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