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Raw milk goes to court in B.C. Dec. 9

Jersey cow from Home on the Range sniffs the mountain air.

Jersey cow from "Home on the Range" sniffs mountain air.

This just in from Gordon Watson, who is associated with “Home on the Range” cowshare farm in Chilliwack, B.C.:

“Tomorrow, Tuesday December 9th 2008, I get to speak to a judge about the Cease and Desist Order against our raw milk dairy.

The hearing is open to the public. If you do show up, my case will be posted on the Court List for the day as Gordon Watson and Minister of Health George Abbott; Fraser Health Authority et al. File S114027

We’re set to be heard at 9:45 am at the Supreme Court of BC in New Westminster not Vancouver. Probably we will get started around 10 am, although sometimes a case will be set over ‘til later in the day. Continue reading

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Court of Public Opinion — Dec. 11, ’08

The Grey-Bruce landowners present “The Court of Public Opinion” at Keady Ontario Community Centre Hall, Thursday December 11, 2008 at 7:15 pm,

Farmer Michael Schmidt, age 54, is charged with 20 separate offences in regards to the production and distribution of raw milk. He will stand trial and all in attendance will be sequestered as jurors until a verdict is reached.

The award-winning video “Michael Schmidt: Organic Hero or Bio-terrorist” will be shown as evidence prior to the trial. For further information on the proceedings, contact Sean McGivern at 519-794-4445.

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Raw milk roundup #1 — 22 new stories

FDA plans to tax cow emissions have proved to be just a trial balloon

FDA noise about taxing cow emissions seems to be just "a trial balloon". Photo via Steve and Paula Runyan's blog.

There are just so many posts and stories out there that touch on the raw milk question in one way or another that we just can’t keep highlighting each one as we have been doing. So we’re going to try a new format here, providing a brief description or excerpt and a link for each story of possible interest, from a raw milk point of view. These stories are “new” in that they’ve not been previously featured on “the Bovine”.

Raw Milk a Specialty of Berks Farm Dairy: “…..Unlike the processed milk commonly for sale in chain grocery stores, raw milk from grass-fed cows, as its name indicates, is neither pasteurized nor homogenized. Although research on the health benefits of raw milk is limited, evidence is available that suggests its higher concentrations of conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) are anti-carcinogenic, Lopez said. Continue reading

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Small is beautiful at “La P’tite Ferme”

French raw milk farmer and cheesemaker

French raw milk farmer and cheesemaker

I’ve often wondered how raw milk is doing on the European scene and was pleased to have David E. Gumpert point out this story he did back in the summer about a French raw milk farmer and cheesemaker. See excerpt below:

“Nicolas Teyssedou seems at first your prototypical farmer—serious and a man of few words. But then you get the 25-year-old owner of La P’tite Ferme (the small farm) outside the town of Caussade in Southern France, talking about raw milk, and before long he’s expounding on theories of philosophy and chemistry.

Nicolas, like the owners of a growing number of American farms, is trying to make farming work by going back to traditional production and growing practices, such as raising his cows on pasture. Also like more American farmers, he is selling directly to consumers, from his farm and at farmers markets…” Continue reading

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Raw milk legal in India and Mexico?

Holy cow forages for edible cardboard while Indian milkman makes his rounds on a motorbike

Holy cow forages for edible cardboard in the streets while an Indian milkman makes his rounds on a motorbike. Quick, send them some Aid, so they can be just like us.

Here is a story from India, where they don’t have the benefit of USDA inspection, and where it seems their holy cows have to forage for cardboard on the streets…. and where the milkman rides a motorcycle. While this is not the way we’d like to see raw milk done in North America, it makes one wonder just how “robust” the product is, in terms of having it’s own immune system, if it can withstand this sort of a production and delivery. Photos and story are from “A Life in Mexico” blog, although it sounds as if the author took the pictures personally in India. Was he travelling or did he live there for a while? And as for raw milk being legal in India and Mexico, we’re only going by the info implied in this story, so if you know better, please comment.

“In Mexico milkmen still sell unpasteurized fresh milk dipped from milk cans directly into customer-supplied pots. Most sell from pickup trucks. One man in San Miguel de Allende plies his route on the back of a burro, cans slung over its back. Occasionally I see Mexican milk sellers using motorbikes. In India, motorcycles seem to be the preferred distribution vehicle….” Continue reading


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