Raw milk goes to court in B.C. Dec. 9

Jersey cow from Home on the Range sniffs the mountain air.

Jersey cow from "Home on the Range" sniffs mountain air.

This just in from Gordon Watson, who is associated with “Home on the Range” cowshare farm in Chilliwack, B.C.:

“Tomorrow, Tuesday December 9th 2008, I get to speak to a judge about the Cease and Desist Order against our raw milk dairy.

The hearing is open to the public. If you do show up, my case will be posted on the Court List for the day as Gordon Watson and Minister of Health George Abbott; Fraser Health Authority et al. File S114027

We’re set to be heard at 9:45 am at the Supreme Court of BC in New Westminster not Vancouver. Probably we will get started around 10 am, although sometimes a case will be set over ‘til later in the day.

Raw milk helps raise healthy children

Raw milk helps raise healthy children

It is possible that I could “win all the marbles” right away. Meaning; if the judge does give me a chance to speak to the main issue, then he or she could rule that the Cease and Desist Order be set aside immediately. On my website  www.freewebs.com/bovinity I have posted my grounds.

I’m ready to go at it right now, confident that my position is overwhelming. But it suits the government to play the lawyering game. They will ask for the matter to booted into the future. So that’s what I expect = we’ll be given directions how to go about the appeal process, and told to come back some time in 2009 “with our tackle all in order” as judges like to say.

But the big issue of the legality of raw milk in BC will not be decided by the Court on December 9th.  If the judge rules in my favour, that will say that cow-sharing is legitimate in British Columbia. But if I don’t get the Order I want on that point, it’s no big deal. We just come back another day.

milking time

milking time

Wonderful whole fresh raw milk has been flowing for over a year and a half in the lower mainland. Hundreds of people drank thousands of gallons of it without anyone heading to the Emergency Ward. Every day we manage to do that is a small victory in the Campaign for REAL MILK. The Health Act Order says that the govt. inspector will come back and determine that it’s being complied-with. But they haven’t come back since July 9th. Why not? … because they know that our milk is NOT a hazard to the public health.  Having failed to comply with their own Order proves they are well-aware it’s unfounded.

The Courthouse is located in Begbie Square, 651 Carnarvon Street in New Westminster, two blocks uphill from Columbia Street between 6th Street and 8th Street, right beside Douglas College. On the Sixth Street side, it’s on the #106 Sixth Street bus route. On the 8th Street side, it’s on the #123 bus route. Take the bus uphill from the New West Skytrain station, to the stop just across Royal Avenue, then walk downhill through Douglas College.

The cheapest parking is in the Front Street Parkade, off Columbia Street

Gordon Watson

604 526 5324″

Photos from Home on the Range.

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