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Michael Schmidt, MPP Randy Hillier to hold news conference Wednesday Dec. 10, 2008 at Queens’s Park, Toronto

Press Conference in the press room at the Legislature with Randy Hillier and Michael Schmidt

December 10. 2008 at 10 AM

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Leona Dombrowski argued last week in the Legislature in her own words” To bring in legislation to allow the sale and distribution of raw milk would be tantamount to manslaughter” in the province of Ontario.

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt to speak.

Michael Schmidt returns to Queens Park for the 4th time in the last 2 years to inform the Premier, politicians and the public about the ongoing confrontation between law-enforcement agencies and farmers. For nearly 15 years Michael Schmidt is pushing for a recognition of fundamental rights for consumers and farmers. Over-regulation of farmers mostly dictated by corporate lobbying is preventing a needed revival of flourishing small scale farms in Canada.

The latest round in the legal battle which Michael Schmidt lost revealed the dilemma between public health and the loss of freedom to maintain ones own health.

Outspoken MPP Randy Hillier will speak about the Judges Ruling to impose a $55,000 fine on a farmer and a possible alternative out of this legal mess.

Michael Schmidt will speak about the filed application to investigate charges against the Dairy Farmers of Ontario for violating the Milk Act. He also will outline the findings in respect to the investigation of the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) and its implication for the trial in January.

For more information phone 519 369-8137

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Manna Storehouse raid pt 5, 5a, 5b — Big brother and the holding company? — or the tip of a much bigger “iceberg”

Free with vaccination? -- compulsory NAIS

Free with vaccination? -- compulsory NAIS

Part 5a added at bottom 2:30 pm.

Part 5b added Wednesday 6:15 am

In her intro to the Manna Storehouse story, Linn Cohen-Cale of OpEdNews.com has some fascinating things to say about NAIS now becoming mandatory. Involuntary “induction” into the program apparently takes places when a farmer brings an animal to a vet to be vaccinated. Even more scary, she talks about “premises ID” being an instrument by which farmers sign away title to their land to the World Bank, as collateral for the U.S. debt. These issues ultimately affect everyone, but farmers are on the front lines, so to speak. Unfortunately, the link she gives in this story no longer works. If readers have any further leads on this topic, please comment on this post or email thebovine at gmx dot com. Here’s some of what Linn says in her preamble to her report on the Manna Storehouse raid: Continue reading


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