Michael Schmidt addresses the media on Dec. 10, 2008, at Queen’s Park

Farmer Michael Schmidt addresses the media at Queens Park

Farmer Michael Schmidt makes his case to the media at Queen's Park

This is the text of raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt’s presentation to the media December 10, 2008 at Queen’s Park, Toronto:

Over 25 different publicly funded officials as I will explain are involved in an apparent criminal conspiracy in contravention of Section 465.(1) sub D of the Criminal Code of Canada.

It appears that Dr. Murray McQuigge, MD, PHD, former Medical Officer of Health and his successor Dr Hazel Lynn chief Medical Officer of Health and her Public Health Inspectors for Grey Bruce Owen Sound and Dominic Fortuna for York Region, have teamed up with Leona Dombrowsky, the Minister of Agriculture & Food, to orchestrate a malicious targeted and unlawful harassment campaign against small family farmer, that produce their own eggs, butter, cheese, yogurts and other dairy products on their own farms, using raw milk.

Dr.McQuigge was involved in the early 90’s in a rather personal vendetta, to close down one of Ontario’s leading raw milk farms in the Grey Bruce Owen Sound District. Due to unlawful activities of my lawyer at that time, Dr.McQuigge was temporarily successful in closing down our farm. We lost 500 acres and most of our cows and machinery. I continued to assert our sovereign rights as a farmer to grow, produce and provide our own farm products to anyone we had privately contracted with. 12 years later in 2006, the above mentioned agencies joined forces in a determined, premeditated and malicious campaign, to permanently close down and destroy the leading state of the art raw milk farm in the province of Ontario.

It appears, that from the highest levels of the Liberal Party of Ontario, Leona Dombrowsky and others, have involved the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Finances, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and local police forces, as well as Grey County and York Region Health Unit Staff in an armed raid with over 25 different publicly funded officials in November 2006.

Today, I announce that I am appealing and challenging constitutionally and jurisdictionally the validity of section 18 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act, R.S. O. 1990 and Section 15 of the Milk Act R.S. O. 1990. Under Section 36.1 of the Provincial Offences Act R.S.O. 1990 Chapter P.33 I will be challenging the validity of the private information laid by the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Criminal Summary Provincial Offenses Court.

I have consistently asserted, that the raw milk from our cow share operation is far safer for human consumption than today’s commercially distributed pasteurized milk. This itself is the main reason, why we have a renewed consumer interest in un-adulterated farm fresh milk. No government official has ever proven, that the milk from the cows on our farm is harmful, dangerous or has ever caused health concerns. Extensive research, see the attached document, has revealed, that no documents and statistic data’s in Canada exist, which could confirm any claims made by health officials and politicians, that raw milk produced for human consumption is hazardous. In contrast according to the recent Auditor General’s report, over half of the licensed dairy plants in Ontario showed significant bacterial contamination and continue to operate freely. The Premier and the Minister of Agriculture and Food are warning, that legalizing milk, according to Dr.McQuigge is tantamount to manslaughter, I call on them to show me the bodies. At the same time we know, that Government licensed plants have killed people across Canada and that the Province is actively involved in manslaughter by collecting taxes for alcohol and cigarettes.

In addition, I will be working closely with Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark- Frontenac Lenox and Addington and many farm organizations including the many Landowner organizations across Ontario, to introduce a private member’s bill called “The Farmer’s Sovereign Rights Bill of Ontario”. This bill will authorize small family farms to manufacture, distribute and sell their own products directly to the consumer, whether on the farm or off the farm, without the need for licensing under any existing or proposed Ontario legislation.
I will also be active in attempting to lay criminal charges of conspiracy as per Section 465 section d of the Criminal Code, which prohibits a conspiracy to convict someone of a non-constitutionally valid offense.

I will also be initiating a civil suit against those various government agencies for the damages that have resulted in this malicious and unfounded violation of this fundamental, God given, spiritual and human right as detailed in the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights since the early 1990’s.

In addition I like to acknowledge that I am in the process to appeal the decision of Justice Boswell mainly on constitutional grounds, where my fundamental rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms have been clearly violated under section 2 sub b, section 7, section 8, section 11 sub d, section 12, and section 15.

Justice Boswell ignored the limited jurisdiction of the court order and clearly made a premature determination of quilt, which should have been determined at the upcoming trial in January.

This change in direction has nothing to do with my own deep personal beliefs that aggression will not solve aggression. To challenge Government and bureaucracy requires a clear understanding of my role as a respectful individual. I thank those, who act with responsibility. But I will challenge those, who disregard their responsibility to serve for the good of all.

I will not rest until there is a will for constructive dialogue.

I will not rest until there is a renewed respect for our individual rights.

I will not rest until we farmers can live without fear, until we farmers can make a living in dignity and until we farmers are free to serve those who want to obtain the nourishing food we grow.

Thank you Michael


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7 responses to “Michael Schmidt addresses the media on Dec. 10, 2008, at Queen’s Park

  1. Bernie Bailey

    Hello Mike

    I was about five miles from Queens Park at ten am yesterday, I left at five thirty this morning as I new they were calling for bad weather (this is a three hour drive from home to parliament for me),it took till eight to get to Milton and then I spent one hour getting to the Islingtoton turn of (best opportunity to get out of the traffic mess) and then that became a bigger mistake and by the time I was about five more miles it was ten am

    I have a lot of flyers that I wanted to share with every one about civil servant coruption but most of all I wanted to ask you these Questions

    Since you have had over twenty charges against you and a fifty five thousand dollar punishment before you have been to court over this issue and now it has come to light that Saputo , Parmalat and Kraft have been importing milk solids (powder) at the cost of billions of dollars of lost sales to the Ontario Dairy Farmers and the authorities including the provincial/federal government and the Milk Marketing Board have taken no action or charged no one to stop these companies who are violating the Milk Act . As a mater of fact these companies are taking the milk board to court in order to keep doing this and expand this practice . With the lose of billions of dollars in sales to the farmer the Marketing Board which forced most small processors out of business in favor of these big three in the nineties,all they have done is send a letter to the farmers telling him he will receive five cents a liter less for his product shortly as sales are down and that there will be one thousand less family dairy farms in Ontario next year as the Marketing Board has no were to sell their milk as the big companies are using illegal milk imports to make Canadian cheese so — do you think that these one thousand family farms will go bankrupted when the incapable antiquated Milk Board tells them there is no sale for their milk or do you think they will keep their farms and also cow share as you do , after all many of these farms are second/third generation farmers and this land and cows still have to be used even if the accountants running the government do not understand this and do you believe that you and the one thousand family farmers are being treated in the same fashion as the global companies mentioned above

    Please feel free to use these Questions and comments any way you want and I will to

    I am so sorry I did not have the opportunity to ask this and hand out the flyers with evidence I have shared with you yesterday but on the brighter side I am not still in that traffic

    Thanks Bernie

  2. Winifred

    Michael …. You referred in your presentation, to the arguement thatthe Minister of Agriculture and Food, Leona Dombrowski stated last week in the Ontario Legislature. She said, “To bring in legislation to allow the sale and distribution of raw milk would be tantamount to manslaughter”
    Has anyone asked her the following series of questions, let alone considering the answers?
    How many people have died from consuming raw milk in Ontario in the past year?
    How many people have died from consuming processed meat in the past year?
    How many people have died from smoking in the past year?
    How many people have died from car accidents last year?
    How many people have died from alcohol last year?
    How many people have died from mistakes by doctors and/or hospitals last year?
    But really….it is worse than being dumb or insulting… Dombrowski’s words are a serious offence.

  3. thebovine

    Interesting to note how little of what Michael says in this statement makes it through the “filters” and into the Globe and Mail story below. Guess people will have to come to the Bovine if they want to get the straight goods.

  4. Can it be determined if the powdered milk ( dry solid milk) that Kraft and Parmalat etc imported is from China and contains the melamine? Such great harm to human life ( kidney failure and possibly death) from the melamine in the cheeses and other products ( boxed Mac n Cheese Etc) by these global companies.

  5. thebovine

    Josel, I’m sure it could be determined if there were political or regulatory will to do so. But consider, if milk solids were to be imported, what would be the cheapest place to import them from?

  6. Phil Charmet

    Thanks Michael for having the courage and determination to do the fighting for all of us!

  7. Mike

    Dear Michael;

    Your plight into our democratic rights and freedoms has struck a chored with me and my family. I support you 110% and if there is anything that I can do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at barboycubaathotmaildotcom. This country needs more people with your fire and conviction to do what is right and what rightfully belongs to free CANADIANS.

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