Raw milk roundup #2 — 25 new stories

Michael Schmidt raises a toast of raw milk with supporters on the National Post website.

Michael Schmidt raises a toast of raw milk with supporters. -- National Post photo

National Post coverage of $55,000 fine for farmer Michael Schmidt

Turkey Hill Farm in Vermont

A Customer of Turkey Hill Farms writes about their experience with the farm, and the world situtation

Getting to know your local farmer — more on Turkey Hill Farm

Premium milk comes from local cows

Brookfield Farms, New Hampshire

A happy customer of Brookfield Farms

A Sweet Picture Story — Visiting the Cows

Raw Milk Popularity Growing in Pennsylvania

Haphazard Gourmet Girls recommend The Bovine

County to relax rules on raw milk products

American Academy of Pediatrics warns against using raw milk

Raw Milk at a Cheesemaker Convention

A lactose-intolerant person wonders if he could drink raw milk

Raw milk is very healthy (as if we don’t know)

Epoisses Cheese in France (not specifically raw)

Raw Milk During Pregnancy

Trufflepiggers rant about raw milk

Miraculous Milk — from Stay Health, Enjoy Life

The Importance of Pasteurization

The difference between raw milk and organic milk

Fresh-milk tours in Vietnam 1 of 2

Fresh-milk tours in Vietnam 2 of 2

“…And what ever happened to improving health with foods and supplements to reduce or eliminate this problem. Recall that the homogenization of milk (and lack of access to raw milk) really kicked off the march to atherosclerosis back in the 1950s….” Read more in Boosting Statin Drug Sales

BRA, Italy Next to the portico in Bra’s Piazza XX Septembre, sits a stainless steel refrigerated vending machine that’s quite popular with the locals. A one Euro coin and a push of the start button activates a pure white flow. Within seconds the customer’s bottle is brimming with a liter of latte crude (raw milk)…. Read more in “Assure Raw Milk’s Benefits”


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2 responses to “Raw milk roundup #2 — 25 new stories

  1. Annette

    Thank you for visiting my blog and linking here. The first story listed ($55k fine) is simply unbelieveable. Brings to mind all sorts of conspiracy theories. That’s why I am joining a cow share, so I’ll own part of the cow from whom I am getting the milk. =)

  2. Annette

    I should have read the rest of the $55k story. Those peeps did have a cow share. Very scary. =/

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