Raw milk news from B.C. court Dec. 9

Here’s Gordon Watson’s report on his Dec. 9th appearance in British Columbia court on raw-milk-related issues. While not a lot seems to have moved, court-wise, the limited proceedings that have taken place do shed new light on the implications of the case and the outlook for legal raw milk access in British Columbia:

Home on the Range cows happily munch their hay, seemingly oblivious to procedings in British Columbia courts.

Home on the Range cows happily munch their hay, seemingly oblivious to recent procedings in British Columbia courts which are attempting to determine whether or not their milk may legally be drunk raw!

I was in the Supreme Court of B.C. at New Westminster, Tuesday Dec 9th,  applying for directions in my appeal of the Cease and Desist Order against Alice Jongerden. Because I am someone aggrieved by the Order, I have status to appeal it, per section 102 of the Health Act RSBC. All that happened was the judge directed a timeline for the matter to proceed, which is what usually happens at this stage.   Mister Justice Barrett declined my other Motions = for a stay of the Order pending the actual appeal, and for Orders compelling the govt. agencies to produce records and certain officials for Discovery.

The appeal will probably come on in March, after both sides deliver materials to each other.  Meanwhile = the REAL MILK continues to flow.  Every day we produce raw milk, get it to its owners in the Big City, and no-one gets sick, is another small proof that raw dairying can be done properly. Thus, undoing the rationale for Regulation 181/88 of the Health Act, upon which the Order is predicated. Comically; the face of the Order says that an Inspector will come back and inspect the premises to ensure compliance; the Fraser Health Authority hasn’t  been back, so the govt. is technically in breach of its own Order!  What does that say?   It tells me they’re embarrassed by someone who shoved back and exposed their stupidity.

I have good reason to believe that the govt. has acted illegally, and is hiding material which will show malfeasance of public office.  Already, via the Freedom of Information Act route, I have copies of inter-agency e-mails wherein they admit to each other that they need a complaint against us, yet they don’t have one. They acknowledge that they were well aware –  before they moved – that I had two separate letters from the (then) Mininster of Agriculture and from the (then) Acting Director of the Health Protection Branch, expressing govt. policy, which is that cow~sharing / herd~sharing is categorically exempt from the Milk Industry Act RSBC.

After 5 months of me asking, they still refuse to produce – for purpose of me perfecting my appeal – the contact information for the purported “complainant”.  ON Tuesday their lawyer  misled the Court by saying that they have produced the complaint, when they have not.

They refuse to give me a copy of the contract which the Fraser Health Authority has with the test laboratory, Siliker. They refuse to give me the directions which the Inspector gave to the lab that day, when he submitted the sample of milk. That tells me that the Inspector DID direct the lab to look for certain bacteria sometimes found in raw milk, and which cause disease in humans (salmonella / listeria monocytogenes / campylobacter jejune / E. coli 1057h ) yet the lab DID NOT find those bacteria in the sample. If so, then that will be proof positive that that batch of milk did not present a hazard to the Public Health. If my suspicion is correct, then the govt. is hiding from the Court material to which I am entitled, in order I can exercise my right to make full answer and defence. That’s  “obstruction of Justice”. As two or more co-operate in such a crime, it becomes another offence: conspiring to commit an indictable offence.

Ironically, had they left us alone to do go  a’dairying for ourselves, we would have trundled-along as a special interest group. But because they made me crack the legal volumes in order to fend them off, I wound up in the Royal Archive in Victoria, reading the Report of the Provincial Royal Commission into milk marketing ; 1955.   Mister Justice JV Clyne made clear that raw milk has always been legal for sale in British Columbia, and directed the Legislature to ensure that the Milk Industry Act have a provision so that those who want un-pasteurized milk, can get it!  Up ’til 1996, those sections were part of the Act. They were removed but never repealled.  Thus, the Court will have a big problem when I bring on my Constitutional Challenge within the appeal. The law is on our side!

The govt. has a statutory obligation to accommodate our demand for raw milk. Having failed to carry out that duty, they’re negligent! Point being; you’d think a jar of milk is pretty banal stuff. But,  as so often happens when the bureaucrazies get hold of something, they botch it. Then they compound their error by circling the wagons, to prevent scutiny. So “the cover-up becomes the story”.

An investigative journalist could put together a very important story,  which is, that the incidents all over America where smallholders providing raw milk are being snared in the legal racket, are not isolated. They are co-ordinated by the dairy cartel in order to drive micro-dairies out of competition.  What’s really going on is that fearmongering about “health” is a coverstory for  ‘Restraint of trade’

Gordon Watson

Read the original story on Gordon Watson’s  Dec. 9th appearance in B.C. court

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  1. tanya conway lambert

    Dear Paula,
    Did you go to Barrett School? If so, I remember you well. You and I had classes together. Did you live behind Barrett School on the corner?

    If you are not the Paula Runyon I knew at Barrett School….YOU SHOULD BE!

    Tanya….East Lake…. I’m on facebook…I’m retired from the BNSF RR and I volunteer for HOSPICE.

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