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“Raw milk gets you in the mooood!”

Raw milk advertising at Santa Monica Farmers Market

Raw milk advertising at what looks to be the Organic Pastures table at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market in California. It says "Have better sex. Drink raw milk". iphone photo by Kozyndan, on Flickr

It seems the latest buzz in the raw milk community is over the reputed sexual applications of the stuff. Organic Pastures’ Mark McAfee in comments on the Complete Patient blog recently suggested that many of his customers found that drinking raw milk improved their sexual performance and said some customers have asked pointedly about the lubricative qualities of raw cream  for external, sexually-related, application.

This meme has generated a lot of excitement in the comments section of the Complete Patient and has now spawned a post on the Haphazard Gourmet Girls’ blog dedicated to coming up with catchy advertising slogans to promote the sexual benefits of raw milk use. As of this morning, that post has attracted 25 comments, many with slogan suggestions. The title of our post today was  a slogan suggested by “Sandman” —  one of the least X-rated.  Meanwhile over on the Complete Patient blog, David E. Gumpert has commented further on the situation: (warning: provocative pictures to follow) Continue reading


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