Raw milk roundup #3 — 25 new stories

Milk delivery in New England

Milk delivery in New England

Michael Schmidt mock trial, and landowner group seeks exemption for on-farm sales (Owen Sound Sun Times)

Chris Gupta picks up the Michael Schmidt story

Ruling against Schmidt a grave injustice (letter to Owen Sound Sun Times editor)

Jonesing for raw milk in NY, NY

Blue Skies Urban Farm — moving towards sustainable living

Buying raw milk as “pet food” in Tennesee

Where to find raw milk in Washington State — an index of raw milk dairies

Questioning the Herd — Should you drink raw milk — from Florida

Nestle ad promoting raw milk and powdered milk in 1910

Homogenization and pasteurization are both bad; raw milk from healthy cows is good.

Still modeling for Playboy at 48, Carol Alt believes in eating raw, including raw milk cheese

1929 Mayo Foundation report on raw milk treatment for Psoriasis

How to get good usable calcium in your diet — raw milk is part of the solution

Raw milk caramel candies

Raw milk cheese at New Pond Farm in Connecticut

Ten Foods to Avoid, according to Jordan Rubin

Artisanal goat-cheese making in Maine

Herd share program set to begin in Australia

Herd share program set to begin in Australia

City slickers buy shares in cows down under in Australia

Byron Bay residents are signing up for a new concept called Herdshare in which a group of people own a herd of milking cows and share in the raw milk, butter and cream they produce.

While Herdshare.com will not be officially launched online until January and operating until June, hundreds of people have already signed up expressing their interest.

Director and co-founder Joanne Hay said Herdshare was a concept where a group of people purchased a herd of cattle together and shared in the products the cows or cow produced.

The group then employed a manager to take care of the cows and milk them, producing raw milk, butter and cream for the owners.

The owners then go to a weekly pick-up point and collect their dairy products for the week.

Mrs Hay said she knew of similar concepts in Queensland that kept a low profile.

In Australia, giving away or selling raw milk is illegal and can incur a fine of $44,000, but some health food stores sell it as ‘bath milk’ for cosmetic purposes at about $3 a litre.

It is also illegal for cheese makers to use raw milk because of food safety standards.

Raw milk advocates claim that it is more nutritious than pasteurised dairy.

Mrs Hay said a legal team was working on Herdshare so that people could use raw milk without any legal ramifications.

She said the Herdshare concept was completely legal and the idea was taking off.

Mrs Hay said more Australians wanted their milk straight from the cow.

From the Wheatsville Food Coop in Austin, Texas:
From the land of cheese
— Brie is a soft cow’s milk cheese that originated in the Brie region of France. It has a buttery texture and nutty flavor. Brie is traditionally made with raw milk and aged for a period of four to five weeks. Unfortunately government regulation requires that any cheese made with raw milk has to be aged at least 60 days. So, that means you have to go to France if you want to eat true Brie.

Cow farts to be taxed — is this for real?

High Fructose Corn Syrup Ad Spoofs

FDA acknowledges mercury fillings “may” cause health problems

Proposals to reform organic milk regulations to require more pasturing

Real Food Media — a network of blogs highlighting nutrient-dense foods

Who says farming is boring? — goats and raw goat milk


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