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Raw milk roundup #4 — 12 new stories

Grazing goats on the White House lawn

Grazing goats on the White House lawn

Wallaby milk wallops superbugs:…Did you know that scientists are studying the milk from the Tammar wallaby, a kind of petite kangaroo? As it turns out, wallaby milk packs such an immunity wallop that may be helpful in fighting antibiotic- resistant bacteria, or superbugs….”

Heron Hill Dairy, a source of raw goat cheese, suggests keeping goats at the White House; apparently it’s a practice that dates back to Lincoln.

Reaction to attempts to discredit raw milk in Italy

Yet another micro cow share operation is birthed. It’s a Mooovement! Continue reading

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Ontario’s last small dairy — the story of Sunrise Dairy in Wingham, 1934 – 1998

Sun rise dairy in Wingham Ontario

Early days at Sunrise Dairy in Wingham Ontario

The significance of this tale is that the demise of Ontario’s last small dairy seems to have been caused by questionable actions on the part on Ontario’s Milk Marketing Board, whose mandate is to administrating supply management of dairy products in the Province. The former Milk Marketing Board now calls itself “The Dairy Farmers of Ontario”. The following is the text of a presentation given by Bernie Bailey at Michael Schmidt’s November 18th news conference at Queen’s Park Toronto. To our knowledge, no other media besides the Bovine have yet picked up this story which was first presented more than a month ago:

“Hello, my name is Bernie Bailey, I owned the last licensed processing dairy in western Ontario. I am here to bring to your attention evidence of the manipulation and neglect of the written law by the very civil servants who are required to honourably enforce it. Although, my journey is three decades in the making, it is timely, and thus will shed light on what is happening to industries today. This story is complex, yet I am aware of time, so therefore, will focus in three main areas today. Continue reading


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