Raw milk roundup #4 — 12 new stories

Grazing goats on the White House lawn

Grazing goats on the White House lawn

Wallaby milk wallops superbugs:…Did you know that scientists are studying the milk from the Tammar wallaby, a kind of petite kangaroo? As it turns out, wallaby milk packs such an immunity wallop that may be helpful in fighting antibiotic- resistant bacteria, or superbugs….”

Heron Hill Dairy, a source of raw goat cheese, suggests keeping goats at the White House; apparently it’s a practice that dates back to Lincoln.

Reaction to attempts to discredit raw milk in Italy

Yet another micro cow share operation is birthed. It’s a Mooovement!

Milk plant shut down in California for operating without a licence?

How long does raw milk keep?

USDA considers eliminating feedlot practices in “organic” dairying, seeks feedback

Really Local Honey in NY NY: The only thing that keeps urban honey from being a more major phenomenon is…the city government. The New York City Health Code prohibits honey making in the city, and goes on to condemn the honeybee as a “venomous insect.” Their thinking is positively medieval.

Kissed by the Nanny State:This is an excerpt from a back issue of the New York Times. Although it is not about milk, it is yet another example of a loss of quality foods and ancient traditions to unfounded fears and overbearing regulations.

“On Monday inspectors destroyed all the cured meats at Il Buco restaurant in NoHo. They did so, according to the owner, Donna Lennard, not because of any evidence of contamination but because the temperature in the curing room was six degrees higher than it should have been.

“These are pigs that were raised for us,” Ms. Lennard said. “We knew their names. We were trying to do something sustainable and traditional, and this is what happens.”….”

Dietary revamp leads to renewed awareness of MILK quality issues! –“….Since doing my HLC Level 1 course we have researched and implemented organic eating where we can, including the kids diet, which has seen an improvement in concentration and behaviour. There were definites I came home with that we had to change – one being MILK!! the stuff I learnt about milk was horrendous, I don’t drink it but the kids have it in the morning and Paul in his couple of coffees a day. Ideally we would have Raw Milk…”

Almost tempted to try it –“One of my coin laundry customers sells pigs, goats and sheep. Keep in mind, my laundry is not in some rural hamlet. He raises these animals right in the middle of the San Fernando Valley.
He brings my employees fresh milk from his cows, but I am too squeeked out to try it. It is not the issue of raw milk that concerns me as much as the appearance of the room temperature recycled milk jugs….”

Raw milk #4 in Bill Marler’s top 10 stories of 2008: …4. Raw Milk – The food story that has pitted health advocates against health advocates in a debate that sometimes reached the level of a screaming-match. On one side, those who insist that raw milk has numerous healthful benefits destroyed by pasteurization, and on the other side, those who counter (me included) that the bacteria in raw milk can cause terrible illnesses, mostly in kids, (bacteria which is —you guessed it—killed by the pasteurization process), and believe the risk to the public outweighs the rights of consumption….”

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