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Bernie Bailey shares more about Ontario’s former small dairies (Part 2)

Milk crates at the former Sun Rise Dairy in Wingham

Crates of milk at the former Sun Rise Dairy in Wingham

Bernie Bailey has sent some supplementary material to expand on the theme he presented at Michael Schmidt’s press conference at Queen’s Park November 18, 2008. Here’s part of a transcript of a discussion about franchise regulations with a representative of another small dairy, this one from Northern Ontario.

Access to local markets seems to be the topic at issue here. Big dairies buying shelf space at the head office level seems to have undermined local dairies’ access to local markets. Duh? I guess that’s what it was intended to do. And I guess that’s why we don’t have those small dairies anymore in Ontario and why we’re getting all our supermarket milk from “the big three”.

Bernie’s introduction:

If you read the part about Farquhar dairy [in the excerpt below] you will see that the commission and he talk at length about shelf buying by big dairies and the commission knows this is a violation of the law (combines act I think) but it is OK and normal for big milk and again no action taken. If you go back into the package I gave you, you will find a letter from the competition board saying that the IDIA (Independent Dairy and Ice Cream Association) is a  a good thing. I had to get that letter to keep the IDIA alive as Jim Wheeler chairman of the farm products marketing commission told my members we were illegal and I spoke with Don after this and even though he sits on or has sat on these boards it is not till now that he admits that the big milk always gets there way, even if you sit on the committee, but the IDIA changed the lies coming from the commission as they were no longer picking on one small owner at a time  and I paid the price. [the IDIA was an association of small dairies which Bernie Bailey founded — Ed]. Continue reading

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