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Pre-trial proceedings begin for Michael Schmidt — a report from Dec. 22, 2008

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt was in Newmarket Monday Dec. 22, 2008 for his pre-trial hearing. The lawyers submitted the “willsays” of the expert witnesses as evidence. This involves not only their credentials as experts but a list of statements and areas of concern that they will say at the trial. (very technical language).

There were discussions as to how the trial will proceed. Michael was concerned as to whether 7 days of trial would be enough time and whether it was wise to bring in his expert witness all the way from Australia if there was any chance that we would not be called upon.  The judge assured him that 7 days would be enough and that the witness should be brought in.

Michael raised the previous ruling disallowing the Cowshare Members standing at the trial and said that he would need to bring them as witnesses. The Judge said that it is his job to decide if the evidence has bearing on the case and he will decide during the trial. There were 22 supporters in the courtroom during the short hearing and it was wonderful to see that kind of support.  See all of you at the real, Raw milk trial in January. — Judith

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