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Something really nice for Christmas — Little Miss Chatterbox and her two cents worth of opinions on raw milk

Vegetarian diet? -- not so smart after all. Picture from PETA. And no, that doesnt stand for People Eating Tasty Animals.

Vegetarian diet? -- not so smart after all. Picture from "PETA". And no, that doesn't stand for "People Eating Tasty Animals".

Here’s an unusually well-written treatise on the advantages of raw milk, and the risks of eating. We follow this with links to, and excerpts from, articles on “the dangers of soy” and “the false nirvana of vegetarianism” — which are also from the same author, Lorette C. Luzajik (a.k.a. Little Miss Chatterbox). Here’s part of what Little Miss C. has to say about the raw milk brouhahaha:

“There’s really no need to point out to the hopeless morons opposed to raw milk that nature knows best. Milk, straight from the cow, is OBVIOUSLY far better for you than any manipulated product. It contains all of the amino acids, cutting down the body’s need to manufacture them out of the essentials. Some people have lived on nothing but milk, straight from the udder. No need to argue over the ‘high fat content’ of what comes perfectly made. The way it’s made is superior, no matter what new trend comes about. From yaks to cows to goats, Mama Nature knows best, and feeds us from her breast.

Vegans who proclaim all the dangers of milk are not wrong. The kind of milk that causes diseases, deficiencies, and intolerances is processed milk. When we drink defatted milk, we are not able to absorb the nutrients. When we take in growth hormones, we take in poisons. And pasteurization kills many of the nutrients and the enzymes needed to digest milk. Continue reading

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