Michael Schmidt’s Christmas message

Dear Cow Share Owners:
Dear Friends:
Dear Government Officials:

It is that time of year again where we all reflect on the past and on the future.

As much as we try to avoid the mirror for the purpose of inner reflections, it is a wonderful tool to re-assess where we have come from and where we need to go. The current state of the world teaches us once again that we have no control over so many things we thought we would have.

As I watch the return to reality and, with it hopefully, the return to sanity, I do sense the growing awareness of the here and now, of what truly matters and the reality of inner strength.  As the sun is at her lowest point in her annual journey, we can reflect easier because we have the soothing darkness where we can be alone but surrounded by others invisible to our eyes.

This was a good year for me. There have been so many things I had to learn. I truly enjoy meeting all those who are coming together because of Raw Milk. People I never would have met, people who are fulfilling their duties in the name of justice and people who are encouraged because we stand for a cause.

In four weeks we finally are entering to the realm of facing justice. Both sides come with the intention to protect and to defend.  It is a different form of dialogue still necessary in today’s world.

I certainly miss all of you as I am preparing myself for the trial. As much as I miss the weekly journey to Richmond Hill (the Blue Bus finally knows where to go, even without me) as much do I truly feel the need to prepare for the next step.

May all of you out there take this time of year to garner strength for the good of all.

With warm regards

Michael Schmidt

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