Farmer jailed for unlicenced raw milk

Sharon Ann Palmer, arrested in California for raw goat milk crimes?

Sharon Ann Palmer of Healthy Family Farms, arrested in California for raw goat milk crimes?

First, a summary from the Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition: “….Now it’s goat milk and cheese. … The owner of Healthy Family Farms has been arrested and jailed. Now out of jail, Sharon Palmer is facing criminal charges for selling raw goat cheese and raw goat milk at farmers markets in Ventura CA…”

And now, an excerpt from a report in the Ventura County Star from Sunday Dec. 21, 2008:

“….Sharon Ann Palmer, 48, was arrested in connection with the plant called Healthy Family Farms at 6780 Wheeler Canyon Road, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department officials said in a prepared statement.

Members of the department’s Agricultural Crimes Unit and other local health agencies began an investigation of Palmer in the first week of December and found she was operating the plant without a license and selling potentially unpasteurized milk products at farmers’ markets in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties, according to the statement.

The agencies conducted an undercover operation focused on purchasing illegally made and potentially unsafe goat cheese produced by Healthy Family Farms, authorities said….”

“….Health officials have cracked down on distributors who sell unpasteurized milk in response to a demand from many who swear by its curative powers and nutritional value, according to a Time Magazine article…..”

“….Palmer was arrested on suspicion of processing and selling milk without a license or pasteurization and is scheduled to appear in Ventura County Superior Court on Friday. She has been released from Ventura County Jail….”

Scene of crimes related to unlicenced and unpasteurized goat milk products

Scene of "crimes" of unlicensed and unpasteurized goat milk products in California.

Photos are from the farm’s website.

Thanks to Augy for the news tip in a comment from yesterday!


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2 responses to “Farmer jailed for unlicenced raw milk

  1. Hey Bovine,
    Thanks for the top mention of the Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition. Our site has been buzzing on this story. Did you see tommorrow’s news in today’s Journal?: Ohio Farm Food and Consumer Reports Opens. Good job on this story.

  2. Brent R

    It should be obvious to all that the Health Departments of the U.S. and Canada have decided to wage an undeclared war against those that dare to break out of the industrial line and offer REAL FOOD to the public without government ‘permission’. Folks, it’s time to pick up the torches and pitchforks and do battle! The more we offer REAL FOOD to the public, the more support we will gather to regain our freedoms. This will be a protracted struggle pitting small farmers against Big Government. Let the battle begin!

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