Vote today to legalize raw milk in U.S.

For what its worth -- vote to legalize raw milk

Here’s an opportunity to influence American public policy on raw milk, coming to you via Steve and Paula Runyan’s blog:

“….We wanted to let you know that the first round of voting for the Ideas for Change in America competition will end this Wednesday, December 31 at midnight Pacific Time.

The idea you have voted for, “Legalize Milk,” is currently in 2nd place in the Other category. The top three ideas from each category will make it into the final round, so if this idea remains in 2nd place, it will qualify.

We expect a lot of last-minute voting, so you may want to consider making a final push on behalf of this idea to ensure it remains in the top three. The easiest way to increase the number of votes for this idea before the deadline is to email the following link to friends and encourage them to vote:

You may also want to try posting the link on Facebook or any blog you may write.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Also note that the final round of voting will begin next Monday and end just before the Presidential Inauguration in mid-January….”

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One response to “Vote today to legalize raw milk in U.S.

  1. hugh betcha

    milk is #1 under Agricultural Policy, leading by 1000+ votes, if you search ideas for milk there are 4-5 pages of them, most are for legalizing it.

    please vote for all of them 🙂

    the ag policy link:


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