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Milk safety vs Maximum production

Here’s a report written expressly for The Bovine by Gary Wilson who, you might say, is the very model of a modern well-informed raw milk consumer. (Gary adds: “…It might be good to mention that before I became a cow share holder I had done my research studying evidence provided by Weston Price, Francis Pottenger, Jr., Andre Voisin and William Albrecht and that I encourage others to review the same evidence that I have and see what conclusions they arrive at. Of course, since I became a cow share holder, I continue to study evidence that forms the basis for my opinions.”) Gary is a very generous guy and when we heard him sharing the results of his research with others on Michael Schmidt’s blue bus, we invited him to write it up for The Bovine. And so now, here it is:

“An Inquisition Ontario Style?

When Dalton McGuinty says that the best science that he is aware of clearly states that unpasteurized milk is unsafe, he is telling the truth. The source of this science would undoubtedly be the dairy industry and his Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Their scientific evidence would be based on their recommended agricultural methods of milk production that modern dairy farmers use. This does not mean, however, that all agricultural methods of milk production necessarily produce unpasteurized milk that is unsafe. Continue reading

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