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Leading us down “mammary lane”?

Here’s an interesting little Q&A excerpt from a Grist Environmental News and Commentary piece titled “Mammary Lane”. This is an example of a “new wave” of “health information” taking a more “Good Cop” approach in getting the message out to consumers that raw milk is dangerous and that its supposed benefits are not backed by any sound science. It starts off sounding raw-milk-friendly but in the end seems to be selling the conventional regulatory dogma. I’d like to suggest to the “Umbra” who answers these questions, that he or she would find it enlightening to attend the upcoming International Raw Milk Symposium in Toronto on January 31, 2009 and listed to another side of the “scientific” perspective on raw vs pasteurized milk:

Photo from Mammary Lane story on Grist.

Photo from "Mammary Lane" story on Grist.

“Q: My husband was raised with milk straight from the cow that he milked himself every morning, so he and his parents are very into organic milk. However, I am concerned about the benefits/dangers of some of the milk they are giving to our toddler. Could you elaborate on the differences of non-homogenized vs. homogenized, non-pasteurized vs. pasteurized, and any issues/benefits of drinking milk that is from a local farm but does not follow FDA regulations? Meaning it can’t legally be sold to you because it doesn’t follow all of the processing regulations that are required for milk to be sold in stores….” Continue reading

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