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The Crown Case against raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt — part 2

Collecting evidence

Collecting evidence

From Court documents for the upcoming trial on January 26, 2009:

Crown Summary, continued:

A search warrant was obtained, which authorized a search of Mr. Schmidt’s premises, consisting of the farm, farm store, the blue bus, and office area of this house. The warrant was executed on November 21st, 2006, and as a result several additional pieces of evidence were collected including, a cautioned statement from Mr. Schmidt admitting to his involvement in producing and distributing unpasteurized milk and milk products; Numerous exhibits from the barn area showing his operation as an unlicenced milk plant; milk and milk products on the bus about to be delivered, documents and exhibits supporting allegations of sale and distribution of milk and milk products, including price lists, and detailed sales records showing the number of customers served each day on the bus as well as at the farm and the income generated from those days, cow share members lists including addresses, photos showing that the milk is centrally collected — and not collected specifically for any one cow share member. Further, documents and e-mails were also collected from the computers of Mr. Schmidt confirming that he was producing and distributing unpasteurized milk and milk products for people, in several locations throughout Ontario, and on a regular basis. It is clear that Mr. Schmidt routinely took and filled orders in order to supply his products to his customers. Continue reading

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