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Michael Schmidt Trial preview 4: Notes and “Will Say” from M.N.R. Investigator Susan Atherton, cont’d from post below

MNR Investigators in action

MNR Investigators in action

This is a continuation of MNR Investigator Susan Atherton’s “Will Say” which was begun in the last post (below). This is what she “will say” at the trial which begins on January 26th in Newmarket:

10. On October 20, 2006 Victor Miller (Miller) and I visited the farm of Michael Schmidt located at 393889 Concession 2 Road, Durham, Ontario. During this visit, we met a woman who identified herself as “Beverly”, and who described herself as “the person Michael calls the bookkeeper.” I asked if I could buy a cow share membership. Beverly agreed that I could, for a price of $300.oo. An additional $30 would be required for the cheese and milk that I was purchasing that day. I gave Beverly a cheque for $330. This amount was $300. for the membership, $30 for milk and other purchases. Beverly asked me to make the cheque out to Glencolton Farm. When I asked if I could put both amounts on the same cheque, Beverly replied “Yes, I will just have to put the money in separate accounts”. Beverly told me that I she would mail me my membership card. On this date, I purchased milk and quark, which is similar to cottage cheese. I placed these products into a cooler with ice immediately, and personally delivered them to the Guelph Laboratory for testing. These products all tested positive with high levels of Alkaline Phosphatase. On this date, I observed at least 3 people buying milk from Schmidt. There were approximately 8 cars in the store parking area at all times. As  1 or 2 left, others would come in. These customers went into the store and they came out with full coolers, crates of milk, and other milk products. Continue reading


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