Michael Schmidt Trial preview 4: Notes and “Will Say” from M.N.R. Investigator Susan Atherton, cont’d from post below

MNR Investigators in action

MNR Investigators in action

This is a continuation of MNR Investigator Susan Atherton’s “Will Say” which was begun in the last post (below). This is what she “will say” at the trial which begins on January 26th in Newmarket:

10. On October 20, 2006 Victor Miller (Miller) and I visited the farm of Michael Schmidt located at 393889 Concession 2 Road, Durham, Ontario. During this visit, we met a woman who identified herself as “Beverly”, and who described herself as “the person Michael calls the bookkeeper.” I asked if I could buy a cow share membership. Beverly agreed that I could, for a price of $300.oo. An additional $30 would be required for the cheese and milk that I was purchasing that day. I gave Beverly a cheque for $330. This amount was $300. for the membership, $30 for milk and other purchases. Beverly asked me to make the cheque out to Glencolton Farm. When I asked if I could put both amounts on the same cheque, Beverly replied “Yes, I will just have to put the money in separate accounts”. Beverly told me that I she would mail me my membership card. On this date, I purchased milk and quark, which is similar to cottage cheese. I placed these products into a cooler with ice immediately, and personally delivered them to the Guelph Laboratory for testing. These products all tested positive with high levels of Alkaline Phosphatase. On this date, I observed at least 3 people buying milk from Schmidt. There were approximately 8 cars in the store parking area at all times. As  1 or 2 left, others would come in. These customers went into the store and they came out with full coolers, crates of milk, and other milk products.

11. On October 27th, 2006, Miller and I again visited the farm of Michael Schmidt. During this visit, we again made purchases from Beverly. We purchases liquid milk, and cheese, which is a milk product. These products were placed in a cooler with ice in it, and I personally delivered these products to Guelph Laboratory Services for testing. These products also tested positive with high levels of Alkaline Phosphatase. On this date, there was approximately 12 customers, in the store, and waiting to go in. They were all buying milk. Tamas and his father carried 3 coolers, and 2 cases of milk to their car.

12. While we were on the farm during this visit, an unidentified female member showed us the milk house. this milk house is attached to the barn area where the cows are milked. There was milking equipment in this area, including stainless steel milk cans and other equipment in the milk house itself.

13. The unidentified female showed Miller and I the cheese making area, which had a batch of what appeared to be a cheese curd or similar substance on a stainless steel tray in the room. The room was divided from the other room by a clear, hanging curtain similar to those found in grocery stores at the interior entrance of their cooler areas. She also showed us a walk in cooler which had wooden crates full of jars of milk in it. When Miller and I were in the Farm Store, a female came from the house carrying food on trays. these trays were placed in the store, and customers were purchasing items from them. Beverly told me that they were very busy today, and that Michael “has been in the house baking all day, and tried to get me to come and help”.

14. On November 4th, 2006, I left a message for Michael Schmidt on his cellular phone, advising him that I needed to pick up my milk from the Blue Bus on the following Tuesday.

15. On November 7th, 2006, I visited the Blue Bus at 9100 Bathurst St., in Thornhill, Ontario. While I was there, I purchased a 2 liter jar of milk from Michael Schmidt. I paid him $7.00 for the milk including the jar deposit, as I did not bring an empty jar. While I was waiting in the line-up, I observed numerous other customers purchasing milk and milk products from Michael Schmidt. I left the bus and put the jar of milk in ice immediately, and took it directly to the Guelph Laboratory Services, Sample Reception, for testing. The test results of this milk showed that the milk was unpasteurized.

16. I provided Officer Campbell with the details of my involvement with Schmidt, which he used in his Information to Obtain a Search Warrant that was executed on Michael Schmidt at Lot 44 Concession 3, 393889 Concession 2 Rd., Durham, Ontario, on November 21, 2006.



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4 responses to “Michael Schmidt Trial preview 4: Notes and “Will Say” from M.N.R. Investigator Susan Atherton, cont’d from post below

  1. At paragraph 16 of her report, the investigator mentions the “Information to obtain the Search Warrant”. The Accused is entitled to a copy of that document. Also ; there must be a Justice of the Peace List of things seized in the Search.
    If Michael Schmidt has not got a copy of each of those items, he ought to demand them right away.
    They make interesting reading … and they may provide a basis for cross-examination of the Crown witnesses
    a good line of cross-exam. would be to ask the witnesses if they directed the lab to test for disease agents sometimes found in raw milk. And if they did not test for those bacteria, why not? Point being ; the govt. agents assumed the milk was safe to drink.
    Out here in BC., the REAL MILK is flowing from our dairy, going on a year since the Health Authority slapped a Cease + Desist Order on our Agister. They haven’t stopped us because they are well aware our milk is NOT a hazard to the Public Health

  2. Michael

    Yes we have the information it will be posted next.
    As more I dive into the case as more I am amazed about how Government has been masking these combined effort to take us down. No proper protocol just show of force.
    I am looking forward to the trial.
    Regards Michael

  3. Bernie Bailey

    sounds like things have not changed

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