Search Warrant — Operational Plan


MNR Investigators on the scene at Glencolton Farms

MNR Investigators on the scene at Glencolton Farms

DATE: 21 November 2006

TIME: Morning hours- expected between 0800-0900 hrs

LOCATION: 393889 2nd Concession Rd. Durham, Ontario ‘Glencolton Farms’


Raw milk, also referred to as ‘Real Milk’ (unpasteurized) milk is being distributed throughout southern Ontario, including in the Toronto area. Reported cases of E.coli O157-H7 have been linked to the consumption of raw milk and products made from it. In Ontario, it is unlawful to sell or distribute unpasteurized milk or products made from it. 

The concept for this distribution is that persons receiving this milk are members of a ‘cow share’ program, whereby the ‘member’ pays a $300. fee and ‘owns’ part of the cow. The idea is that when you own the cow, you can consume its milk. Historically, Public Health authorities have a policy allowing the producer to consume these products provided they are not sold or distributed, and that they remain on the farm.

In this case, the producer is located at Glencolton Farms, 393889 2nd Concession Rd. Durham, Ontario. This is a farm with dairy cattle and a ‘farm store’ on site that is open on Fridays, where members can purchase these products. He also has a ‘Blue Bus’ that travels to locations and sets up a mobile store where members can go to purchase these products. There is a “cow share” membership available where members must purchase a membership for $300.00 to buy milk. A plainclothes officer was able to become a member which enabled investigators to purchase, test and confirm that the milk sold (and possibly the cheese sold) are made with unpasteurized milk- which is a violation under the Milk Act and the Health Protection and Promotion Act. A search warrant was obtained to further the investigation, and to gain evidence in relation to the production, sale, and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products. This plan is to outline how this warrant will be executed.


To safely and efficiently effect a search warrant at the a/m location. This will be done in an orderly fashion and the collection of evidence will result in further information in relation to operations of Michael Schmidt and his production, sale, and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products.


0600 hrs. Surveillance team will set up on location with an eye on the bus.

0630 hrs.- Remaining Officers will meet at the briefing site at the hotel for final questions and radio checks. They will then head to the announced secondary staging area to await the call to assist.

Circa 0800- Warrant Teams will stand by and be prepared to move once the call is made to assist.

Teams will go to their appointed locations and cover their areas until released from the detail by Search Team leader. Once released, return to hotel and complete notes, will says, and expense reports. Nancy Gullage will assist in collecting required items. 

-Dunlop and Herries will brief the Owners of the farm and explain the reason for being there, the warrant, he will be given an opportunity to ask questions or make requests. Schmidt will then be the responsibility of Dunlop and Herries for the remainder of the day.

Once the scene is secured, Video and Stills to be shot of the scene. This is going to be used for the purpose of documenting the scene upon entry, and again upon exit. Search team(s) will execute the search and collect/document any items named within the search warrant. Officer Miller will oversee the collection and security of the collected items. Health Unit officials will assist where and when required, removing any unsafe product, they will also be able to issue any orders to cease.

All items seized will be documented and logged by officers involved in the two search teams… Items will eventually be turned over to the exhibit officer in charge at the rental vehicle. 

All items seized by the Health Units will also be documented. A copy of the items to be provided to MNR exhibit officer.

After search is completed, all seizing officers will bring the items to the rental Vehicle and provide copies of their notes, and a will say to Nancy Gullage.

All cover team officers will be logged on to Fleetnet, as per MNR Policy. The raddio channel to be used will be 1 ESSU1 for all units. Communications officer will log the group together. Officers to log off individually through the PCU.


All involved parties will be meeting at the travel lodge in Owen Sound on November 20/06 for a briefing at 1300 hrs., then the warrant will be exectued on the 21st around 0800 hrs.


H.P.P.A. section 78 (2) DIRECTION TO INVESTIGATE: states that the Minister may direct an officer of the Ministry or any other person to investigate the causes of any disease or mortality in any part of Ontario.

(3) POWERS OF INVESTIGATOR: for the purposes of the investigation, the person directed by the Minister has the powers of a commission under Part II of the Public Inquiries Act, which Part applies to the investigation as if it were an Inquiry under that Act.


Schmidt, Michael E
[personal information not appropriate for publication here on website]

FY4043 1991 Blue Ford Van SUBJECT BUS
ADLJ541 Black Ford 4 door 

Schmidt, Dorothea
[personal information not appropriate for publication here on website]

It is important to note that other parties may be on site assisting with the running of the farm. We do not expect any problems, however, officers should be aware that other people could be there.


location map

location map

layout of property

layout of property

Team allocations sheet 1 of 2

Team allocations sheet 1 of 2

Team allocations, sheet 2 of 2

Team allocations, sheet 2 of 2


Owen Sound Travel Lodge- Briefing Rooom
880 10th St. East
Phone: 519-371-9297

Surveillance Team- 0600 hours- Briefing then wait to see if bus to move that day

Warrant Team- 0630 hours Briefing- Circa 0800-Secondary location- To be announced at briefing after locations checked and confirmed. Weber to assist in determining this.


There is no expectation of any emergency entry. However is emergency does occur any officer can contact the communications officer Atherton via our radio system. You simply call her by name- “ATHERTON” for communications. All local numbers will be available through her. Local Regional Police officers will be assisting on the warrant, so they too are available to call for and give assistance if required. Local Hospital and police information also contained within this document. Make sure at least one officer from each team has a radio logged oonto 1 ESSU 1.


Contact – 911

Nearest Hospital
320 College St. Durham, Ontario


from 393889 Concession 2, go south to CR-4
turn right on CR-4 into town of Durham
turn left on College St. N, Continue to #320

West Grey Police Services
153 George St. West
Durham, ON


Campbell, Brett …
Atherton, Susan….
Dunlop, Roger…..

**All available on 10-4 as well**


All officers will have access to radio communications. The list will be completed and the communications officer will have a list of on duty officers, their assignment and the radio information. This will be forwarded to PCU as required. Operations channel will be 1ESSU1 for the duration of the exercise. Any outside calls to be made through communications officer. Please keep radio traffic to a minimum.

Communications Contact- Atherton ….

Project leader can shut down the operation at any time should either feel that officer safety or public safety is threatened in any way.




Unknown if any dogs present.

Exact number of people expected present is unknown. Any communications from these people should be directed to the officer in charge (Campbell).

Media may attend- Designated party to speak on our behalf, but not until warrants concluded.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a farm setting as well as someone’s residence, we are there only to collect the evidence named within the warrant. Please be aware of and extend any courtesies you would expect from attending officers.

All involved officers will come fully prepared with their proper equipment to provide officer safety.

PLAN’S AUTHOR: Brett Campbell #569 DATE: November 17, 2006

PLAN APPROVED BY ______________________ Date: November 20, 2006



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  1. Bernie Bailey

    Reported cases of E.coli O157-H7 have been linked to the consumption of raw milk and products made from it. In Ontario,
    Michael this is what you will be up against in this statement the investigators are making every one think that you have been selling bacteria milk by the tons and that people are getting sick all over Ontario because of it . If this was true they would have approached you every time this happened if it is not true than thy NEED to stand up in court ant identify the TIME,PLACE and INVESTIGATION on several directly linked cases to RAW MILK AND SICK PEOPLE from any origin of any raw milk and the investigations should be currant and not from 1972. I am sure that the government is reading every thing on this site so they better get going on this as I may have kicked their milk can over as this is like a phantom policy
    I am still one vote

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