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If you’re coming to Michael Schmidt’s trial on Monday January 26th, 2009 — the Police have some concerns…..

The trial for Michael Schmidt is scheduled for courtroom T2, 26 Jan 2009.  There are a few things about the courts that have to be considered if you are planning on attending.

1)    The courtroom itself will only hold approximately 45 people.  This includes the prosecutors, defense and defendants, and other court staff.  This will leave a very limited area for gallery members.  It is requested that if you do attend inside the courtroom, please keep quiet while court is in session.  Please turn off all cell phones and pagers.  Rise when the Justice of the Peace enters and exits the courtroom.  Please remove hats and headdress (religious headdress excepted).  If you are asked to leave the courtroom for any reason by court staff, court officers, or the Justice of the Peace, please do so respectfully and quietly.

2)    The hallway outside the courtroom is only able to accommodate 20 people as per fire code.  This hallway also leads to courtroom T1, so there will be people outside of this courtroom who have business to deal with.  Please respect their right to be there and deal with their court issues.

3)    Outside the hallway is an administrative area which contains no room for supporters of Mr. Schmidt. Continue reading

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Hamilton Spectator compares raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt to Gandhi

Here’s a story from November 7th, 2008, titled “Gandhi’s teachings still resonate” from the Hamilton Spectator newspaper. The story is by Lipi Mukherji and is subtitled “principle of personal freedom unites noted humanitarian and adherents“. The author is a freelance journalist who has written for the Indian Express and Maharshta Herald, both of which are English-language newspapers in India. She now lives in the Toronto area.

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt -- Hamilton Spectator file photo

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt -- Hamilton Spectator file photo

Michael Schmidt, a Canadian dairy farmer from Owen Sound, Ont., was found last month in contempt of court for distributing raw milk. Unfazed, he raised a glass of milk — presumably raw — to toast the occasion with his supporters in front of the Newmarket courthouse.

He said to the media, “We will continue what we are doing.” He had challenged the judge to levy “the highest penalty you can find.”

While the sale of raw milk is illegal across Canada, Schmidt runs a co-operative venture where farmers house their cows, and he provides them with their milk. Claiming he does not sell or distribute raw milk, Schmidt represented himself during the three-day hearing in September.

He said he was willing to bear whatever punishment he gets, including imprisonment.

“I’m prepared to pay any amount,” Schmidt said. “It’s ridiculous people in this country can’t decide what they want to drink and eat.” Continue reading

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