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PASTEURIZATION — Pulling the plug on scientific fallacies that support our system of industrial food

Industrial strength food not a new idea

Industrialization of food not a new idea in America


Here’s an excerpt from a story by Linn Cohen-Cole that originally appeared on the “opednews.com” site. Thanks for sending it our way, Linn!

The terrible things happening to non-corporate farming and pure food rest, oddly enough, on liberal assumptions about science and their trust flowing from those assumptions.   That trust leads not to better choices for all Americans but to mandatory regulations and to programs which have destructive consequences for farmers and food and our health.

It seems the only way to stop those destructive consequences, then, is to begin to undo the assumptions and misplaced trust in the idea that man can eliminate dangerous threats as well as solve large human health and food problems through the application of more and more complex “scientific” technology. 

Pasteurization of milk is pointed to as a major public health success.  The public appears to believe that milk itself was a problem which modern science finally “made safe.”  That is an entirely false understanding of both the history and science of milk. Continue reading

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