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Canadian Press — Michael Schmidt case

The Canadian Press reports on Michael Schmidt’s court case — which begins today and continues into February — on charges from 2006:

“TORONTO — Ontario’s infamous raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt says he knows the old expression that anyone who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client.

Still, when he returns to court Monday to face criminal charges related to an armed police raid on his farm in 2006, he won’t have a lawyer at his side.

But he’s confident and feels completely prepared to argue that people should have the right to drink and enjoy raw, unpasteurized milk – even if the government thinks the drink is hazardous to your health.

“When it comes to our own body and what we put in our body as food, the government should respect what people want to do,” he said in an interview.

“A lawyer doesn’t milk the cow, a lawyer doesn’t drink the milk, a lawyer very often only makes the arguments without understanding what is really behind the whole thing.”

For years Schmidt has been selling raw milk from his Durham, Ont., farm through a so-called “cow share” program, in which customers buy a share in one of his cows, rather than the milk itself.

His customers over the years – he has a stable of about 150 with a waiting list around 70 long – have included high-end chefs and former provincial finance minister Greg Sorbara, who spoke out about the benefits of drinking raw milk….”

Get the whole story here.


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Investigation Timeline in the case of raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt — which will be heard beginning today and continuing into Feb. in Newmarket

Feb   22. 2006  Roger Weber CFIA agent. First surveillance of Farm, photographed  buildings and goes to Chicory Commons Health Food Store to gather  intelligence on Michael Schmidt
June 13. Dominic Fortuna sees Bus phones Judy Hope reg Blue Bus

June 14. York Region phones MNR or OMAFRA or MINISTRY OF HEALTH?????? Susan Atherton checks License plate MTO, checks criminal records of  Michael. Checks Internet. Roger Dunlop: information was received by York Region Health

June 19  Roger Dunlop surveillance. at farm

June 20   Fortuna called Atherton” Bus in Richmond Hill”. Fortuna and Atherton surveillance

June 24.  Brett Campbell meets Atherton in Peterborough Continue reading

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