Report from Wed. Jan 28, 2009 court proceedings and outlook for Thursday in the Michael Schmidt raw milk case

A message in the heavens?

A message in the heavens?

Thursday at 9:00 am both sides will give summary statements. Starting in afternoon, the Charter, section 7 part of the case will begin with Dr. Ted Beals from Michigan. Dr. Beals will address the pathogen aspect and talk about his experience advising cow share programs across the USA. On Friday morning Dr. Ron Hull will take the stand. Then the Attorney General’s office may begin Friday afternoon with their defence against Michael’s Charter challenge.

Today the Court denied Michael’s other Charter challenges from other sections of the Charter because they were filed late and the Attorney General’s office did not have time to adequetely respond. The judge was not also willing to grant a motion arguing that Michael’s witness statement from November 2006 was made under duress or given involunarily. The judge ruled after hearing evidence from those that did the raid. The judge did say that execution of the search warrant was carried out in a deplorable way — effectively confined Michael and his farm hands in their kitchen for 7 1/2 hours.

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