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Trial about much more than raw milk

This is a letter to the editor of the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“There are some things that need to be said as the raw milk trial proceeds this week, because the outcome of this trial affects all of us — even if we have absolutely no interest in the raw milk issue.

We must be clear on the fact that Michael Schmidt has never publicly marketed his raw milk products: he has not stood on street corners yelling “get your raw milk here!” or advertised in newspaper, magazine, or radio/television ads to try and convince us that we all need some (you know — like they do with pharmaceuticals, “free” vaccines and junk foods). This has been a private agreement between him and persons owning shares in the dairy herd at his farm.

What business does the government have trying to put an end to such a private arrangement? Oh, yes, I just hit on the key word by accident: “business.”

This has nothing to do with health at all: Michael is being used as an example so that the existing monopoly does not have to worry about any other such similar arrangements springing up and digging into their profits.

In their struggle to justify such interference in peoples’ private lives and to gain public support, spokespersons for the Grey Bruce Health Unit have made the absolutely ludicrous statement that Michael must be shut down because those consuming his dairy products could potentially spread disease among others in the community.

Here’s why this “sounds good” but is absolute nonsense: Continue reading


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