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Backlash from mainstream “science”

All the positive press for raw milk in recent weeks has prompted a bit of a backlash from the keepers of establishment science. Here are three examples:

From the Toronto Star Opinion section, February 6, 2009:

“Science Doesn’t Support Raw Milk Benefits

by Christopher Mackie

Since the very first innovations in the history of public health, the field has suffered from vocal and even vicious criticism.

Immunization, which has prevented millions of deaths worldwide, is under constant attack by opponents who spread hearsay and shoddy science suggesting that vaccines pose serious health threats to children.

Water fluoridation to prevent tooth decay, an intervention with safety and health benefits that have been proven in hundreds of studies, is currently facing an extremely well-coordinated lobby effort across North America by adversaries who make unfounded claims that it causes everything from autism to sudden infant death syndrome.

And now, here in Ontario, the enemies of public health have turned their sights on the pasteurization of milk. Continue reading


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Raw milk trial and symposium videos

Marianne Else has thoughtfully shot videos throughout the several days of Michael Schmidt’s trial and throughout much of the International Raw Milk Symposium which was held January 31, 2009. And she has posted these videos on youtube for anyone to watch. Here’s one such video from the Symposium:

Here’s one of several pages from which you can access all (52) of the videos she has posted.

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