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Dr. Ron Hull Ph.D. on raw milk safety

Dr. Ron Hull was one of Michael Schmidt’s expert witnesses at the recent trial and he also spoke at the International Raw Milk Symposium in Toronto on January 31, 2009. Before he left for Australia after the trial, we interviewed him for The Bovine:

Dr. Ron Hull, Ph.D., Microbiological scientist supports feasibility of safe raw milk in Ontario.

Dr. Ron Hull, Ph.D., a microbiologist from Australia, supports the feasibility of safe raw milk in Ontario.

Dr. Hull has a Ph.D in Microbiology and runs a company – Ron Hull and Associates – which does consulting work with Australian dairy producers and other food industry clients. Before starting his own business he worked for many years as a research scientist with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), specializing in microbiology in the realm of food science, dealing with germs, bacteria, and pathogens.

Regarding the Michael Schmidt case and the feasibility of producing and marketing farm fresh unpasteurized milk, Dr. Hull states that the Crown’s own documentation shows that about 95% of Ontario’s conventional dairy farms are pathogen free. The problem arises when milk from the other five percent is mixed with the pathogen-free milk in tanker trucks and milk storage silos. Dr. Hull supports the concept that there be two types or two streams of raw milk, one produced under carefully controlled management specifically for raw consumption and another produced under the present standards, destined for pasteurization. Continue reading


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