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Raw milk proponents’ counter-offensive to continue retail sales in Connecticut

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story on David E. Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog which gives some useful background and perspective on what’s at stake in public policy decisions on raw milk sales in Connecticut. David’s post was titled “Connecticut’s Raw Milk Proponents Mount a Counter-Offensive to State Ag’s Anti-Retail Campaign“.

“Connecticut’s Department of Agriculture is mounting a full-court press to eliminate retail sales of raw milk, via legislation that would confine sales to farms. Connecticut is one of just a handful of states that allow retail sales, and the state’s location in the middle of the Northeast, adjoining New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, which prohibit retail sales, make it a handy shopping spot for out-of-staters and Connecticut residents.

Today, the issue came to a head during hearings in the Connecticut legislature. The commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, F. Philip Prelli (seen in the photo, at left, debating the matter with one of about 150 consumers who showed up to oppose the effort), gave a presentation to the legislators that sounded as if it was drafted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Continue reading

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Connecticut regulators try to end retail sales of raw milk — customers would have to go to the farm to get raw milk

Here’s an excerpt from a recent column by Rick Green in the Hartford Courant titled “Got Raw Milk — It Outghta Be Your Choice”:

Jersey cow at Deerfield Farm

Jersey cow at Deerfield Farm in Connecticut

“This fight over the sale of raw milk is much larger than whether to pasteurize or not. It’s about encouraging the small farmers who produce our food. It’s also about young people such as Melynda Naples, the 26-year-old entrepreneur who operates DeerfieldFarm, a raw milk dairy in the rolling hills of Durham.

I visited Naples shortly after 7 one recent morning, where she was shoveling manure, cleaning teats and udders and making sure her 15 Jerseys were clean and properly milked. That was before she was off to deliver the milk to a handful of local stores that sell it.

In the middle of all these McMansions and lives disconnected from the land, we’ve got Naples, a working mother of two creating a food product that local people consume. State officials, however, have asked the legislature to ban the sale of raw milk in stores in response to health concerns, a move that could shut down Naples and other dairies if they are forced to sell their products only on the farm. Continue reading

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