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Chatter about milk in the “health” news

You gotta wonder, do people write this stuff of the top of their heads, or is this part of an orchestrated campaign. Here’s the latest of this sort of apparently-random journalism from oxadox.com in the department of “healthy eating”. Excerpted from here.

Its nice to be one with the food. (istock photo)

"It's nice to become one with the food." (istock photo)

“Mommy, why is there poop in my milk?

When you think of milk, where do you think it comes from? The magic milk fairy who comes and squeezes milk from her breast into the milk trucks then ascends unto heaven to re-lactify?

I guess we’d like to think of our food coming at no cost or harm to others, with no consequences whatsoever. But in reality, milk comes from cows. Cows are dirty, stinky, and poop a lot. Milk comes from cow boobs, otherwise known as utters, which after being sucked dry constantly, tend to get infected. I think if my boobs were hooked up to a machine like that they would get infected too. So mastitis is treated with antibiotics (that can show up in the milk we drink). So, when you think of dirty, stinky cows, with infected boobs hooked up to these machines that are removing what will, in time, become our drinking milk, why does it surprise you that there is particulate matter in raw milk? Continue reading


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