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Dr. Ted Beals’ talk at International Raw Milk Symposium Jan. 31, ’09, Toronto

These are notes from Dr. Ted Beals which he prepared for his talk January 31st at the International Raw Milk Symposium at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (O.I.S.E.). Much of this material is based on testimony he gave at Michael Schmidt’s trial in Newmarket during the preceding week. For more on Dr. Beals background and qualifications, see this earlier post.

Focusing my testimony in support of Michael Schmidt in the Ontario Court of Justice, Newmarket

Dr Ted Beals, retired University of Michigan pathologist.

Dr Ted Beals, retired University of Michigan pathologist.

Good Morning. Dr. Hull and I will be presenting some items from our testimony over the last couple of days.

My first opinion for the court as an expert witness was that: Milk is inherently a highly nutritious and healthy food that should be an important component of the general public’s diet. It is a complete food, and provides the total source of nutrition and water for newborn mammals during a critical and active time in their development. Milk has historically, and continues currently, to contribute to the Public Health and Safety.

I can not imagine that anyone wishes to argue against this statement. In the four inch thick bundle of expert witness documents submitted by the crown there is nothing that refutes this fact. Continue reading


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