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“Let’s be clear: Pasteurization only kills pathogens” — the Globe and Mail

The trial may be over, but it seems the public interest in raw milk is still strong. Raw milk is the news story that just won’t go away. Here’s what seems like it could be an attempt to regain some journalistic “balance” after all the pro-raw-milk publicity around the trial. One interesting sidelight to this story is that comments were “closed” already 6 hours after the story was posted. I wonder if comments were ever “open” at all on this story. See excerpt from that Globe and Mail story below the “keep reading” link.

The unwillingness of the pro-pasteurization folks to enter into dialog on the issues seems to be a recurring theme. At the recent International Association of Food Protection raw milk symposium in Virginia, almost the whole FDA contingent withdrew at the last moment when it became apparent that a handful of pro-raw-milk people would also be there. John Sheehan, the FDA’s dairy chief, who had been scheduled to give the keynote address at the symposium was one of these last minute dropouts. With a dozen scheduled FDA attendees gone, there were only 30 or so people at the IAFP Symposium (vs 150 in Toronto). But according to Michael Schmidt, who took part in the conference, the organizers were still very unwilling to open the floor to dialog. They insisted that questions be written on slips of paper and passed up to the speaker for answering. Continue reading


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