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Raw milk roundup #11 — 15 new stories

Below: (Goat) Milking Time (Photo by Wildernessgal, from Flickr )

(Goat) milking time -- photo by Wildernessgal

(Goat) milking time -- photo by Wildernessgal

Another Pro-Pasteurization item in the Globe and Mail

What US President Obama thinks about raw milk

Rural Cleansing at it’s worst — from OpEd News, Linn Cohen Cole

How Monsanto “Manages” unfavorable news stories on its products (via Journal of  Whole Food and Nutrition)

A bit about Ron Schmid’s book “Milk the Untold Story”

Artisanal Raw Cheese maker from Bridgehampton: “….Ludlow’s commitment to keeping the process as natural as possible in order to ultimately end up with a superior product is one reason why the Mecox Dairy only produces raw milk cheeses, meaning they are made from unpasteurized milk. Although the making of raw milk cheeses comes with a stricter set of regulatory guidelines – raw milk cheeses must be aged a minimum of 60 days before being saleable to the public – Ludlow contends that the pasteurization process detracts from the quality of the finished product….” Continue reading

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