Waxing lyrical about Mr. Schmidt’s milk

To Michael and his Cow Share Supporters with much appreciation for your efforts for all of us.

By Tom Wharton, Cow Share Member

We’re cow share owners,
And we’re eager to admit
We love the rich raw milk
From the cows of Michael Schmidt.

We’re cow share owners
And to us it must be known
Exactly where and how
Our daily food is grown.

We’re cow share owners,
So we’ve done a lot of thinking
On the virtues of raw milk
Which our families are now drinking.

We’re cow share owners
All sounding very vocal
For better food and milk that’s raw
And the need to buy them local.

This means our right to choose
Which is a vital cause
So we’re cow share owners
Out to change the laws.

That’s why we chose Glencolton Farm
Where Michael’s cows are free from harm
Like his herd of thirty seven
Happy on their green-grass heaven.

We’re cow share owners
With a way to help the earth
Demand our right to choose
And fight for all it’s worth.


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One response to “Waxing lyrical about Mr. Schmidt’s milk

  1. Janeen Covlin

    Love the poem!! I’m glad for all you dedicated people over there in Ontario who are fighting this fight – it is definitly worth it! My hat goes off to Micheal Schmidt for the stand he’s taking and to the owner of this blog – I don’t read anyother blogs on a regular basis but I check yours nearly every day and tell all my “real food” customers about it – Keep up the great work!

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