Sally Fallon refutes claims by Toronto newspaper columnists who argue pasteurization kills only pathogens


Pasteurization was not invented to save lives but to extend shelf life. Pasteurization will kill most (but not all) pathogens in milk and is necessary for cows kept in confinement and fed an inappropriate diet based on grains. But cows on pasture do not have pathogens in their milk—the Crown knows this very well after testing Michael Schmidt’s milk for almost 20 years; ten years of testing in California have failed to detect a single human pathogen in Organic Pastures Dairy’s raw grass-fed milk.

Furthermore, raw milk contains numerous anti-microbial components that kill pathogens should contamination occur during handling and bottling; this is not the case for pasteurized milk as the heat treatment destroys these components, leaving a perfect medium for bacterial growth. It is very difficult to detect pathogens in raw milk, but pathogens in pasteurized milk have sickened tens of thousands over the years, and recently caused the death of three people in the state of Massachusetts.

The so-called “milk problem” of the 1800s, during which many infants died in crowded inner cities, was solved by improved sewage systems, chlorination of water, the replacement of the horse with the car and the advent of refrigeration. The problem was solved long before the implementation of mandatory pasteurization. The problems of TB and brucellosis were solved by measures that improved herd health and eliminated infected animals, not by pasteurization.

Consumers are opting for raw milk because, compared to pasteurized milk, it is easier to digest, less likely to cause allergies or intolerance, strengthens the immune system, provides much more efficient assimilation of the nutrients, reduces infections and asthma in young and old, builds stronger bones and teeth, and improves the behavior of children. These benefits are amply documented in the published scientific literature.

Sally Fallon is the President and Founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), a leading nutrition education non-profit. Their HYPERLINK “”Campaign for Real Milk is largely responsible for a resurgence of consumer demand for grass-based dairy farm products in North America and around the globe. WAPF has 400 chapters and 10,500 members worldwide. There are 16 WAPF chapters in Canada; four of them are in Ontario.



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8 responses to “Sally Fallon refutes claims by Toronto newspaper columnists who argue pasteurization kills only pathogens

  1. Hey, Great post.

    I made a post about raw-milk cheese a while back that talked about this too. It’s totally ridiculous that pasturezation is mandatory, especially because it doesn’t necessarily have all the benefits that the FDA is boasting….aside from the fact that raw milk cheese tastes absolutely delicious.


    -Grassroots Gourmet

  2. joe

    I rarely leave messages on this site but would like you to know that I really appreciate the effort that is being made every day, to collect all this great information. I often put the info in a file, so I have it when I need to write a letter. This site is really impressive! A labour of love. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for clarifying this so clearly — this is so much misunderstanding out there about pasteurization. I have been drinking raw milk for about 10 years now but was not aware of all the benefits that have been studied and verified. Although even without that it is worth it for ease of digestion and better taste.

  4. Michael

    I agree with you Joe.
    The Person behind this needs all the applause one can give to him.
    There are so many working behind the scene and are part of this needed change.
    So I like to raise a glass of milk to the maker of the Bovine with gratitude and thanks..
    Cheers Michael

  5. thebovine

    Thanks for your appreciative comments Joe and Michael. As far as this story is concerned, I’d like to thank Kimberly Hartke for sending it our way.

    Many of the news items that appear here do come from readers who send us links or stories. So anyone out there who runs across something that might be of interest in this context, please drop us a line at thebovine at gmx dot com. Thanks.

  6. Thanks, for running the story. For those of you who live in Toronto, please write letters to your editor quoting Sally Fallon. We need to get this message to the readers of these daily papers!

    If anyone has any good press contacts in Canada, please contact me through my blog (the email is there under Contact me).

    a blogger

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