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Winnipeg Sun runs anti-raw-milk rant — comments 7 – 1 in favour of raw milk

Even in Winnipeg, far from the centre of raw milk controversy in Canada, people are not fooled by Connie Woodcock’s pro-raw-milk arguments, which were published a week or two ago in the Toronto Sun and now more recently in the Winnipeg Sun. First a few excerpts from the comments, then a bit from Connie’s article — in case you don’t remember it:

Bob Demerey: “There is no law against drinking raw milk. The law is against selling raw milk. We are able to buy raw chickens, raw meat, raw eggs, etc, but not raw milk. The beef cows, chickens and such are all fed feed that comes off fertilized feilds, that are sprayed with herbicides. No problem. But if a dairy cow eats the same feed, there is a problem ?

If it was such a health concern, why do they still let the dairy farm families drink the unpasteurized milk? In the 1930’s, there was a problem with cleanliness and sanitation. Not today. All the dairy equipment is made of stainless, sanitized before use, and the milk goes straight from the cow to the holding tanks, cooled in a matter of minutes, to near freezing. A clean perfect food.”

Fred: “Raw milk is only a hazard when improperly handled and stored. The cows teats are cleaned prior to milking and the milking equipment is all sterilized prior to use. How many of us eat raw vegetables and fruit. We all wash them before consuming. If raw milk was so hazardous, calves and piglets would be dropping dead all over the place. How about your pets? Do you sterilize and pasteurize the milk from them before feeding it to their young? Yes, prior to refrigeration there was a greater hazard due to lack of proper storage.

The first 18 years of my life I drank raw milk, as did my 8 brothers and sisters. We all survived and continue to have strong immune systems.” Continue reading


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“Food, Farming & Community Health” — Britain’s Daily Mirror editorial

What profiteth a corporation if they gaineth market share but loseth their customers to poverty, famine and early death? Here’s a timely opinion piece from Saturday March 7, 2009, from the Daily Mirror:

“When food is treated as just another commodity bought and sold in the market instead of something that people need and have a right to regular access, profit from selling food becomes more important than feeding people and results in a blow to community health.

Today many people buy food produced by large corporations grown on land owned by them using seeds, fertilizers and pesticides produced by large corporations. This enables corporations to control all parts of food security and farmers are forced out of business and driven off their land. Corporations profit from this food insecurity as countries become dependent on the global market for food.

When the market fails to meet people’s food needs, people go hungry and corporations profit further by selling food to governments and international agencies to be distributed as food aid. Until and unless people have control of their own food security, hunger will be the biggest product of the corporations that control the production and distribution of food. Continue reading

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