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Speaking up for raw milk in Maryland

This is excerpted from Lancaster Farming:

“Heated Debate Over House Bills Legalizing the Sale of Raw Milk In Maryland

Janice F. Booth
Maryland Correspondent

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Health and Government Operations Committee of the Maryland House of Representatives heard testimony March 17, 2009, on two bills (HB 1015 & HB 1080) legalizing the sale of raw milk in the state. HB 1015 requires licensing and regular oversight of dairies. HB 1080 legalizes cow sharing or cooperative ownership of a dairy cow(s) whereby all owners share in the products of that cow. Most attention focused on the cow sharing bill, HB 1080.

The Hearing Room came to life as the time neared for testimony on the raw milk bills. Many parents who are advocates for raw milk attended the hearing.

Alex and Daniel Kits, ages ten and six respectively, sat attentively beside their mom, Beatrice; Leah Mack arrived with her PowerPoint presentation and her two-month old daughter, jauntily attired, in cap and romper festooned with dancing cows. Continue reading

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