Finding raw milk in the Toronto area

In a comment on a recent post, Callista asks: “Is there still a way I can get raw milk? I just came back from Florida where my sister-in-law buys it and I really want to start giving this to my family. I live in Richmond Hill. If anyone knows how I can get this please let me know. Thanks!”

The obvious source that would come to mind would be Michael Schmidt of Glencolton Farms. However we understand he’s seriously oversubscribed, has a lengthy waiting list and isn’t taking any more members for the time being.

You’d think that with all the legal brouhaha around Michael Schmidt’s charges and whatnot, that no one else would dare venture into the high-demand, and presumably high-risk, business of supplying raw milk to consumers who want it.

But you’d be wrong. There is a farmer within driving distance of Toronto who will board your cow for you, look after it for you and let you take as much of its milk as you can use. The deal involves you buying an actual cow. You go to a sale barn or wherever, choose a cow that’s for sale, buy it and have it brought to his farm. This farmer is also keeping cows for about 30 other people who also want raw milk. All the milk from those cows is pooled in a bulk tank and owners of the cows come to the farm and take the milk from there, from the farm gate, as it were.

Unused milk from customers’ cows is used by the agister (boarder of animals) to feed to other animals on his farm. The agister does give a rebate to the cow owners against the cost of boarding, for unneeded milk that he uses in this way. One cow gives a lot of milk. It would be a rare family that would be able to use all of it.

As far as I’ve heard, this farmer has not been interfered with by any government agency.

Callista, if you would like me to send you contact information for these folks, please comment on this post, asking for that info. There may well be other sources that I may not be aware of.


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  1. Julie

    Hello !

    Well, I am not Callista however I do live near Toronto and would love to get my hands on some raw milk. Could you possibly forward the information on that you wrote about ? That would be wonderful.

    Thank you for the post as I was hoping something like this would come up in the area.

    Julie (somewhere near Toronto)

    • Chantelle

      Me too!!!!!!!! The contact was really expensive for something so cheap, but healthy so, if anyone has info, please let me know as I am doing best I can using RO going on raw diet…..becoming optimal state of health and every other area possible. Love and light!

    • debi

      Yes i would also be interested in the information.

    • Alexandra Parsons

      Hi Julie and many others attached to her mail,

      Did anyone ever achieve the purchase of Raw milk. I am looking for a supplier for my son near Burlington or surrounding areas. I have raw milk where I currently live in Quebec and am benefitting so much from this wonderful ‘White Blood’.

      Please can you private message me if you have been successful in finding someone to sell you milk as I am quite sure that if you publish the name here, the farm may have trouble on their doorstep.


      • Alexandra

        I received some feedback regarding Raw Milk suppliers in the Burlington area recently. I have been out of the country, but if you have information for me that I can forward to my son, who is looking for milk, please can you reconnect with me as soon as possible. Thank you again.

    • Sara

      I would also love information on this farmer. I live in Toronto and have been trying to find a raw milk supplier for quite some time. After much searching I finally found butter from grass-fed cows and it makes regular butter seem like pure garbage. I would love to make my own butter from raw milk!

      • Ehsan

        Hi Sara, Would you be able to share where you were able to get grass-fed butter from. It’s been exhausting trying to find a source near Toronto. Thanks,

      • Courtenay Wolfe

        hello, I just came across these posts. I am in Toronto and am looking for a raw milk supplier. Does anyone have any info for me of where i can get it from? thank you!

    • royhammy

      Organic Farm Coop reply also on face book under GTA organic food coop and Organic farm coop.
      Under Ontario law you must be a farmer to have access to raw milk, our program covers that in being a land owner you qualify to be a farmer covering 99% of the corrupt milk act. To own about 1 acre of land involves a one time payment of $ 5000.00 and you will get a title deed stating you own 1% of the farm. If this is difficult to swing we have an OFFER TO PURCHASE AGREEMENT about 105.74 per month for 5 years and same status. No one can be involved without the $ 100.00 initiation fee ( working capital) For non dairy people there is a $ 500.00 per year to access all food (except raw dairy) at 50% discount.
      The $ 500.00 and $ 5000.00 go into a lawyer trust account and can be done by e commerce using email address of (
      The $ 100.00 can also be done by e commerce by email address ( Also we are having a picnic —–Also call me for personal input Royce Hamer 905-756-4514
      There will be an Organic Farm Coop Picnic to be
      held on Sunday May 31 at Bronte Creek Provincial
      Park at 1.30 PM.
      We have a picnic area at parking lot “F”.
      To get there enter at the day gate off Burloak Dr.
      Then keep going south to parking lot “F” Go all the way on
      Road into the parking lot we are at the north east corner there is a white sign
      Facing the parking lot. RSVP is mandatory.
      I will
      supply grass fed beef burgers so since it is “pot
      luck” bring a dish and meet your fellow organic
      food coop enthusiasts. There is an entrance fee
      at the park gate. Sorry but that is the way it is.
      Here is your chance to learn more about GTA Organic
      Farm Coop Project., meet some of the people that
      are supporting and working to organize the project.
      Meet like-minded people, and share information
      and ideas and connections relating to organic food
      and its importance! Invite your friends and
      acquaintances who are interested in wellness and
      healthy food.

    • royhammy

      Join the Organic Farm coop and sigh up for uninterrupted supply and be part of the change. Milk and more at 50% off most store prices, WHY? because you will be an owner.

  2. Callista

    I would LOVE the info for this. Sorry I didn’t see this post sooner. Thanks so much!

  3. Rachel

    Hi, I’ve been following the Michael Schmidt case as well and would love to have the contact information for the farmer mentioned in the article.
    Thank you so much!!

  4. Patrick

    Have you know of anyone around the London area who would do this?

  5. thebovine

    Patrick, sorry have no one I can recommend. But how motivated are you? You might consider becoming a “replacement milker” or just getting to know some local dairy farmers personally.

    • Jayson

      I would be interested in becoming a replacement milker … was milking two cows in BC … beautiful Jerseys and I miss them and I miss my MILK!!!

  6. Akaz

    I live in Oakville and i and my wife grew up on raw milk (we immigrated to Canada) and would love the opportunity to continue choosing raw milk for our kids. How would i go about finding information with regards to availability and cost involved? Are we talking thousands of dollars upfront cost and then a running cost?

  7. emma

    hi there – i just saw this too! could you send me the contact for this farmer? we’d love to look into getting a cow with him. thanks! emma

  8. Gary

    I live in Markham, Ontario. Is there a farmer that is not too far away that I can get a cow with him.
    How much would a cow cost? Gary

  9. Gayle

    This is great news!
    Please send me the contact info for this farmer. He may soon have a full barn of cows for all those I know in my practice who are interested.

  10. Tanya

    Thanks for the info. Ive been looking everywhere for raw milk in the Toronto area. Pls forward me the details on how to contact this farmer.

  11. Bariah

    please please send me contact info of farmers who would agree to this. My kid is sick and we are desperate to heal him. Our holistic practitioner has suggested this and I have spoken to parents whose children are doing well on raw milk. He is only 3 years old and we just want him to be healthy.

    • william

      Slow pasteurized whole goat milk from River’s Edge Goat Dairy. It has the enzymes and good bacteria you are looking for. And its Legal too.

  12. Amanda

    I live in Toronto and would love to participate in this program. How long is the drive from the city and what is the cost? Please send me the info. Thanks so much!

  13. Taz


    I live in Brampton and would dearly love to be able to source raw milk. Please send me the info on any farmers within driving distance. Thank you so much. I really admire the work you folks are doing.


  14. Zulco


    Please send me the information on any farmers within driving distance of GTA.


  15. Level Headed

    Please send me info on agisters in the GTA/York Region area. I’m desperately trying to find a source for quality raw milk and I’m out near Stouffville.

  16. Dari

    Please send me the contact info for this farmer. Do you know if there is a farmer who takes care of goats?

    Thank you

  17. Yousaf M. Shaikh

    Hey folks,

    Fellow Bramptonian here; would love to be able to get raw milk regularly.

    Anybody know of any sources? Please???? 🙂

  18. Lori

    I am also in Toronto and desperately searching for a raw milk source. My son is on a special diet for his autism that requires fermenting raw milk. Any info would be much appreciated!

  19. Taz


    Sorry but I am not sure if these comments/requests are monitored or if posters are replied to directly. I had asked a while ago about any farmers within driving distance of Brampton, Ontario but I didn’t hear anything back. I do realise this is probably a volunteer effort and I do appreciate the time being put into it but we are really desperate. Can someone please reply and give us an idea of where we can find a farmer willing to do a cow share arrangement?

    Thanks a lot

  20. thebovine

    The supplier that we knew about and alluded to in this story has now ceased supplying milk.

    It’s possible that other folks will come online in the not too distant future. However we have yet to hear that such is the case.

    Meanwhile there’s the black market. Ask around.

    Write to the minister of agriculture and tell her you want raw milk and can’t get it. She’s going to be approached from other quarters and it’ll be good if she’s hearing from citizens as well.

  21. Taz

    Thank you so much for the quick response…

  22. Kim

    I live in the Niagara region and am desperate to find raw goat’s milk. I use to drink milk from a Nubian but I have heard that Nigerian Dwarf Goats are also excellent producers of milk. Please please please if anyone can direct me, please let me know. Kim

    • BC Food Security

      Lucky you ! I wonder how many Canadians participate in Farmshares just across the border in New York or Vermon or New Hampshire or Washington or Idaho !
      These are some upper New York state raw dairies about an hour from the Canadian border crossing and
      REFRESHINGLY LEGAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Buffalo, New York : Cow share just south of Buffalo NY seeking more share holders. For more information email or call Home: 716-941-3934 or Cell: 716-598-6312 or visit them online at

      2. Cassadaga,NY: The Lapp Family Farm, Harry & Rachel Kellogg, Lydia & Melissa Lapp, 3505 Cassadaga Rd., Cassadaga, NY 14718. Phone:(716) 595-3210. Email: , NY state certified to sell raw milk. They offer antibiotic-free, rBGH-free milk from four Brown Swiss and Jersey-German Red Cows. Farmstead Cheese Made by Hand the Old Fashioned Way!

      3 . Barker, New York : Teacup Farm, Liz Neadow. Call ahead 716-807-2963, Small family farm, natural fed Goats and cows. Season fresh goat milk. Best you have ever tasted. We have Nubian and Lamancha goat, HIGH butter fat and protein. Also Brown Swiss and jersey cows.

      Good Luck !

  23. kyle

    hey,i live in toronto and both me and my mom are interested in onganic raw milk…can you send the contact information for the folks….thx

  24. nick

    Hi, I would also like the info for the farmer in the article. thanks

  25. Fred


    I live in the downtown Toronto area and am looking for a place to buy raw milk. Does anyone know where I can do this?


  26. Stan

    Hi can you please pass on that information. Thanks so much!

  27. Yousaf M. Shaikh

    Has anybody found a source near Brampton, Ontario?

    I’m still looking. 😦

  28. Nick

    Guys, you won’t get any replies, I don’t know what’s the purpose of this article…

    I was able to find a farmer that was willing to sell me a share of a cow. He’s delivering weekly downtown Toronto.

    I am looking for someone to split the cow share with me and the shipping cost. Please email me if you are interested

  29. thebovine

    Glad to see that you’ve found a source, Nick. However it’s unlikely that source wants to be featured on the Bovine. But Nick, let me know if they do, and we’ll be happy to write them up.

    So, for folks seeking raw milk in the GTA, contacting Nick (see above) might be your best bet, for now at least!

    As I mentioned in an earlier comment (see top), the farmer alluded to in this story has since stopped boarding cows for other people.

  30. Nick

    I am not sure my source wants to be featured here. I am going on Saturday to visit his farm and talk to him, I will ask him and I will let you guys how it went.

    • anja

      Hi Nick,

      Did it go well? Have you asked the farmer?
      If he does it I would be very thankful for his details.
      I live currently in Germany and enjoy raw milk. Just about to move to Canada Ontario and read it is illegal there. 😦 Big shock. Raw milk is extreemly healthy!

      Many Greetings

    • Waheeda

      Hi Nick, I have been trying to get raw milk forever because that`s what I was raised on but cannot find a source. Please give me your contact so that I can approach him to get some raw milk. thank you

  31. Joanna

    I am very interested in sourcing raw milk for our family. Could you please send me the information on the farmer. What costs are we looking at?

  32. thebovine


    I’d try emailing Nick. See a few comments up. He seems to have found a source.

  33. anja


    Please send me his information.


  34. Leah

    Howdy fresh milk drinkers!
    I would really appreciate a tip on where to buy raw cow, sheep or goat’s milk close to Toronto.
    With much gratitude and eager kefir grains 🙂

  35. Anthony

    Please can you inform me of the details of this farmer. Thanks in advance.

    Anthony Christopher

  36. Please give me information about buying or sharing cow from farmer. In order to get milk. Not far from toronto.
    thanks Robert

  37. Anthony

    I live in Brampton and I would like to know if there is anyone close by for a cow share program.

  38. Yousaf M. Shaikh

    @ Anthony — I too live in Brampton (Downtown area). Haven’t been able to find anything yet. 😦
    If you find something, please let me know?

  39. Avis

    So far I have not seen anything fruitfull coming out of this blog in terms of finding a cowshare. This blog only has buyers but no sellers. With the amount of money that can be made from this avenue I am surprised that cowshare is not as popular in Ontario as it is in BC.

  40. thebovine

    Well there ARE a number of farmers enrolled in the Cowshare Canada program. And I don’t imagine they’d be doing that if they weren’t seriously considering getting into supplying raw milk in the not too distant future. Of course, meanwhile many of them are likely waiting for the outcome of the Province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s acquittal. That will be heard in court next February, 2011.

  41. vj

    I am searching for cow’s raw milk for my baby. We are in Scarborough, dont mind if I have to go to a near by farm to pick up the milk.
    Thanks in advance for the info you are sharing


  42. Yousaf M. Shaikh


    Going back to my first post back in November of 2009, I still haven’t received any replies that could help me buy raw milk in the GTA (and yes I’ve been subscribed to this thread)….

    I have to agree with Nick (March 1, 2010 at 11:38 pm) when he said : “Guys, you won’t get any replies, I don’t know what’s the purpose of this article…”

    I’m unsubscribing to the “Finding raw milk in the Toronto area” thread. Good luck to the rest of you. Hope you find what you’re looking for; I’ll be trying other online avenues to see what I can turn up. If I find anything I’ll repost.


  43. I get Dr. Mercola’s newsletter (recommended) from and he had a great article about this today, with the following resource.

    Here’s a list of where it’s available in Canada (and elsewhere in the world).

    Hope this helps!

  44. Shazid

    Hi, I have recently learned the benefits of raw milk vs other processed milk that we find in our grocery stores. Can you please email me the contact info at Thank you!

  45. Tony Kareer

    I read about a cow-share program in your blog and want to know more about it. I want to know if there is a farm close to Brampton, Ontario which hosts such program. I am interested in actually feeding the cow rather than milking it for my religious beliefs. Thank you.

  46. Tony Kareer

    If you have any info on cow-share program in Brampton, Ontario then please pass it to me. My e-mail is Thank you.

  47. Ivan

    Can anyone help me get any information where I can get cow share information and/or source near Brampton.Please pass it to me my email is:

  48. Galina

    I leave in Creemore, Ontario. Is there a farmer in my area I can get a raw milk from? Please someone let me know!

  49. Qzr

    Please! I live in Toronto, and I must get my hands on some raw milk ASAP!

    email me with ANY information:

    Thank you!

  50. Tina

    I live in Toronto and would love to get raw milk available for my toddler son who has health issues. Please if you know anyone, email me at

    I’m trying to help my son overcome his health issues so any info on obtaining raw milk would be so appreciated! I’m willing to drive a distance for it!

    Thank you so much!

  51. Nicole

    I live in Oakville and I’m interested in raw milk/cow shares. My email is Please let me know where to go.
    Thank you very much!

  52. Mike

    I would like to get some raw milk. We used to it, but when we came to Canada we were not able to find raw milk in local stores.
    So if you have any information about where I can get raw milk please contact me.

  53. Maya

    I live in Toronto and would appreciate if anyone could help me find raw milk.

  54. Jayson

    I used to have two cows in BC and I would love to get some here if there was community support and an appropriate place to keep them … I loved milking and taking care of the cows and making butter, yogurt and cheese 😉

  55. Claudia


    I’d like to have the above mentioned farmer’s contact information if it is still possible. I like the idea of the legal co-sharing.
    If anyone has other farmers in mind, please let me know. I’d love to make cheese that I can never find anywhere in Canada only in Europe. I’ve been making this cheese from pasteurized milk in the last 8 years but the taste is not quite the same…
    Thank you in advance!

  56. Tamanna

    Hi there,
    i;ve been looking for Raw Milk since I moved to canada! Please send me the details of how I can start this

  57. Peter

    Can you please forward me the contact info for this farm near Toronto. Thanks!

  58. BC Food Security

    I wonder how many Canadians participate in Farmshares just across the border in New York or Vermon or New Hampshire or Washington or Idaho !
    These are some upper New York state raw dairies about an hour from the Canadian border crossing and
    REFRESHINGLY LEGAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Buffalo, New York : Cow share just south of Buffalo NY seeking more share holders. For more information email or call Home: 716-941-3934 or Cell: 716-598-6312 or visit them online at

    2. Cassadaga,NY: The Lapp Family Farm, Harry & Rachel Kellogg, Lydia & Melissa Lapp, 3505 Cassadaga Rd., Cassadaga, NY 14718. Phone:(716) 595-3210. Email: , NY state certified to sell raw milk. They offer antibiotic-free, rBGH-free milk from four Brown Swiss and Jersey-German Red Cows. Farmstead Cheese Made by Hand the Old Fashioned Way!

    3 . Barker, New York : Teacup Farm, Liz Neadow. Call ahead 716-807-2963, Small family farm, natural fed Goats and cows. Season fresh goat milk. Best you have ever tasted. We have Nubian and Lamancha goat, HIGH butter fat and protein. Also Brown Swiss and jersey cows.

    Good Luck !

    • Alexander

      Is it legal to bring raw milk from the US to Canada? Anyone ever experienced problems at the border carrying raw dairy? Do we have to declare it? Do they levy tax on it?

      • thebovine

        Some folks in B.C. said they have done it with no problem. They just declare what it is and the customs people don’t seem to have a problem with it. But that was the last I’ve heard. Things may have changed. If you try it, report back and let us know how it went. Thanks.

      • BC Food Security

        Alexander :
        1. A tariff exemption exists for imported dairy products if the total product value does not exceed $20.00 and the dairy products are for personal use.
        For questions on other documentation required by CBSA, please contact your local CBSA office.
        Other queries about importing dairy products may be directed to the Dairy Section at any of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regional offices, or AgriFood – National Dairy Program, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0Y9, 613-225-2342 ; fax: 613-773-6282.

        2. Try to get whomever you purchase from to put any kind of label on it – even a handwritten one. The label could say what it is , when it was produced and by whom and perhaps include a phone number . Be prepared to bring the sticker paper for them to fill out the label. Do this especially if you wish to bring through 4 or more jugs .
        3. Canada Customs is not just looking at your one-time import quantity they will be monitoring your frequency as well and keeping a lifetime record on the computer . So if you cross the border every day to get 10 gallons of Raw Milk they will eventually suspect you of importing for commercial purposes or resale. At that point only , they will confiscate your raw dairy products and dump them down the drain. And if you still persist the may fine you a few thousand dollars.
        4. So if you would like to bring $100 worth of raw milk products across a possible approach might be to have 5 people in the car with you as , I believe, each person is entitled to a $20 exemption. Now whether that exemption is just for the tarriff or also the allowance for raw milk is not 100% clear. The world of customs is highly subjective. They may say nothing 19 times but the 20th time make a big stink and fuss . There are no absolutes in the importing business . Use the above information at your own risk. I hope this helps.
        Good Luck ,

  59. BC Food Security

    4. This contact is a large supplier and is a half hour east of Niagara Falls , New York .
    Medina: Martin Yoder, 2594 Murdock Rd, Medina, NY 14103, Phone number: (585) 798-9345 . NY certified Raw Milk from an Organic Dairy Farm. They also offer Eggs from Chickens that are fed naturally. The price for the Eggs is $2.00 per dozen(bring any empty egg cartons that you have). NY State Certified Raw Milk is $4.00 per gallon in your own gallon jug. The milk is available from 10-12AM and from 6-7PM. No Sunday Sales.

  60. Anna

    Hi There,

    Please send the contact info you are speaking of, I am very interested in getting raw milk. Do you know if the cattle is exclusively grass fed?

    Thank you,

  61. Michael Appugliese


    Please send me the contact info to get involved in buying the cow shares. This is a great idea.

  62. Andrea

    I would be very interested in finding a place I could board a cow and use the raw milk. VERY INTERESTED. Thanks!

  63. Varnan

    Hey there!
    I live in Toronto and would appreciate if anyone could help me find raw milk. The only one I’m aware if the Glencolton farms, which is in Durham but another farm with cow co-op program closer to Toronto would be nice.

    • BC Food Security

      Varnan: Glencolton Farms delivers on Tuesday to Toronto area coop members via a Richmond Hill dropoff point on Tuesday. If there are other ones they may not wish to be so public about it by advertising it here.
      I hope this helps.

  64. John Park

    Hi There,

    I am in Thornhill and wish to participate in a cow share program.

    Many thanks,


  65. Victoria

    Hi I would love the information about the farmer who boards cows…or share a cow…Richmondhill 🙂

    Thank you so much


  66. Angelica

    Looking for Organic Raw Milk (or Cow Share) must be Grass Fed, as I am allergic to corn (especially GMO). In Welland, or Niagara area. It’s also for my Son who is allergic to pasteurized (dead) milk, he can only tolerate raw organic. Thanks, and Much Blessings to the dedicated organic farmers out there! Keepin’ it Real!
    Angelica Email me at

    • Farida

      I am also from the Niagara region and looking to buy some raw milk to make homemade formula for my 6 month old baby.Just wanted to know if you had any luck finding out a source. Please please please email me at Thanks in advance for ur help.


  67. Roman

    I live in Thornhill, around Bathurst and Steeles area and would like to participate in a cow share program. Please forward me any relevant information.

    I used to live in Ottawa, and recently moved to Toronto area. I participated in a cow share program in the Ottawa area and am familiar with the process. Have references from a previous farmer.


  68. monika

    I am from Brampton. Would love to get information where to get raw milk (grew up on raw milk before coming to canada). Please send me info about farmers who do it and possibly prices?
    Thanks a lot

  69. Ivan

    I live in North York,Toronto and want to some whole (unpasteurized) milk for myself.Please tell me where can I find it.Thank you.

  70. Carolina

    I am Brampton too, please send info!!!

  71. Mathews


    How can I get raw milk in Toronto?

    Also would like some info on the cow boarding.


  72. thebovine

    @Mathews: joining Cowshare Canada gets you on the inside track for the sort of information you’re seeking.

  73. tony

    hi can someone send me info or contact info where i can obtain/purchase raw milk. thanks

  74. Kitty

    May I have the contact infor for the framer as well? I REALLY appreciate it!

  75. Angela

    Hi there,
    It has been a while since I’ve been looking for raw milk. I would appreciate any info allowing me to get this product. Please let me know where and how I can buy it. Thank you very much!

  76. Christine

    Hi there! My name is Christine and I am looking for a raw goats milk supplier in the Toronto area (I am willing to buy a share). If you have any information please email me at

  77. Reblogged this on jess & ecetera and commented:
    I had my first taste of a dehydrated raw cow milk product. I would love to try the real stuff. i think I may venture to one of these farms to get a taste of it.

  78. Kat

    looking for raw milk in Niagara Falls area….. would Love to become part of cowshare,

  79. Nasrin


    I would like more information on this.


  80. jenny


    Does anyone know of an existing cowshare in the Uxbridge/Port Perry ON area? I live in Millbrook ON,(20 min. south of Peterborough). My husband commutes to Uxbridge during the week so any cowshare near that area would be fine too.

    I would appreciate any info on this. I’m also open to raw goat/sheep milk.


  81. Neil

    Hey guys, i’ve been doing some research on raw milk. After searching out a few sources i managed to find one. I joined their cowshare last month and i’ve been drinking the milk and it’s been great. Haven’t had a single problem digestively, and even feeling awful one morning after a bit too much to drink, after a big glass of raw milk i was feeling better (maybe a coincidence 🙂 )

    They deliver to a few locations in the GTA.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

    or here is the contact I first used

    • Kevin

      hey Neil,
      Do you think i can purchase raw milk in GTA without getting into the cow share program? I want to do this for first few weeks (since i have digestive issues with pasteurized milk) before getting into the cow sharing program which i assume is a long term contract

    • Ali Hemraj

      Hi Neil
      I saw your comment and and was wondering if you still can provide the contact fo the cowshare program. I am really interested and am looking to bring my family into a healthier dairy option

    • farah

      Hi Neil yes I have a question can u please give me the
      address or any contact information so I can get raw milk for my kids too?

    • highballer906

      Can you join others with cow ownership”

    • Margaret

      Hi Neil,

      Can you help me join your cowshare program? I need a member referral.


  82. Ryan

    What is the cost for a litre of raw milk?

  83. Aaron Singh

    I would like to receive information on this farmer please!

    Been looking for raw milk for some time.

  84. Evio

    We are interested in a cow/goat share.
    Information of where and how to get any kind of raw milk would be appreciated.
    We live in Burlington, ON, willing to travel to get raw milk

  85. Vince Fabrizi

    I’m very interested in giving my children raw milk.

    Could you please send me the contact info –


  86. Thiru

    Hi, It was a nice article. I was looking for raw milk for some time. I live in brampton, can you please send information to

  87. I know this article is old but i’d love information on where to get raw milk in the GTA. I’m in Oshawa

  88. Eva

    Could you please send me the contact info of this farmer – I would be happy to buy a cow if he looks after her!!!!!

  89. Zoya

    I would love to have the info about the farmer, could you email me at did you know unpasteurized milk is a cure for osteoporosis, however since its banned in Canada and not many farmers do sell it, there is in an increase in patients with osteoporosis and they live off of medicine tablets rather than being cured by the unpasteurized milk. Everything we eat has bacteria so its stupid to ban raw milk for that reason, and pasteurized milk is actually bad for your digestive system.

  90. erin

    Could anyone give me info on cow sharing near or around Durham Region?
    Aside from Michael Schmidt. I would like to talk to someone about either buying a cow or cow sharing.
    Erin Bay

  91. Lina

    Hello I am from Toronto, I want to buy raw goat milk… where can I and whats the phone number or address please

  92. i would love this farmers information, thanks

  93. Liz

    Please email me if you know a farmer selling raw milk near Brampton, or Milton, or Georgetown.


  94. Lina

    Would you please e-mail me contacts??? I am in need of raw milk and really interested.

  95. Joyce


    I’m also interested in finding access to raw milk. Please send me any info.


  96. Tolu Okudolo

    I too would be happy if you could please email me the contact for access to raw milk in the GTA region. Thank you!

  97. Lucy

    Greetings everyone,
    We all have to start growing our own food/buying from local farmers, the more we snore the more “policies” are passed by the fascist corrupt gov. which only serve the interest of big corporations. People need to understand that there is no 1 gov. which looks after the interest of the people, these governments are elected by the big corporate whores, not by the people. Since when eating the way God intended (RAW) is illegal!!! since when bullying a little farmer is legal!!!
    Furthermore, as a society we need to make conscience decisions on how to feed ourselves, our families and our communities. There is a film called FARMAGEDDON, very close to the film FOOD INC. both very informative and in both films, the way the system is run (dictated) is very clear. EAT PROCESS JUNK ANYTIME, ALL DAY, ANY DAY no “harm” to your body, what cancer??? no no, that is the sun that gives cancer, oh yes, it cannot be the junk”food” we are feeding you. What diabetes?? maybe it is hereditarian, from your mom’s side or something, nope, not the tasty milk we saturate with sugar!!!
    Therefore, in the end, we can only blame ourselves, because we turned our backs on nature, we know how to order in, but we don’t know how to prepare a meal, let alone grow a vegetable. Remember what it is in your local supermarket, easily 95% of the floor/wall space contains a form of a food or chemical that is very bad for your health, of course they have fruits & veggies, (GMO)
    Wish to prevent getting the main 2 killers CANCER/DIABETES
    Things to keep in your kitchen, things to keep you healthy and alive!!
    Royal Jelly
    Raw honey
    Apple cider vinegar
    Bee propolis
    Bee pollen
    Castor oil packs (to use externally only, got a cyst, dissolve it away)
    There are hundreds of naturally ways to cure almost anything, except DEATH 😦
    Oh yes, please forward the information of the person who takes care of the cows, thank you in advance 🙂

    Blessings to everyone

  98. Renee

    Sorry to pester you but just wondering if you can pass the info on to me as well if you do know where I can get raw milk, yogurt and or butter. I hear it’s great for dental health as well as so many other things!

  99. sean

    Hi Guys,
    I live in winnipeg,manitoba and was wondering if anyone knows of a cow share program here, or if there is one in canada that can ship my share of the produce to me.
    sean shooje@yahoo com

  100. bernard christensen

    Looking for raw milk and cheese in the Brampton area, wish there were farmers supplying the Brampton Farmers Market. Bernie

  101. Tammy Manor

    Hi there, I am interested in this info! Please feel free to email me. Thank you very much!

  102. Ray Tayco

    Please give me the email address and telephone number of Mr. Schmidt, the cow renter.

  103. Ray Tayco

    I like to process cheese. I am going to pasteurize them anyway why not sell me raw. Besides who wants to die of poisoning. Euthanasia has approval under the law, why not declare the law banning the sale of unpasteurized unconstitutional? Freedom for cow milkers and consumers!

  104. DJ


    If you have any info on where to find raw milk/cheese in Georgetown, Milton or Brampton it would be greatly appreciated.


  105. Mike

    Hi, I’d also greatly appreciate info on where to get raw milk/yoghurt/cheese in the GTA. Thanks

  106. thebovine

    Best advice on finding raw milk in the GTA or wherever you live is to join Cowshare Canada as a consumer. That’ll get you access to information about farmers who are open to raw milk cowshares.

    • Peter

      Huh? I would suggest the WAPF has a larger / more inclusive database of local raw milk producers available than CSC. I would suggest not all… in deed not all that many raw milk producers feel inclined to be associated with Michael Schmidt/CSC. Many see associating with CSC to be politically and legally dangerous with Michael Schmidt at the helm. The dissemination of information provided by WAPF is free of charge and principally void of political charge / leverage / bias / prejudice / favoritism. CSC appears to play leverage on the consumer’s demand (see sign up fee) with an eye towards being the politically influential / controlling / regulating entity. I am somewhat disappointed (but not surprised) with your comment, because it suggests a bias. I remember in some early posts here on the Bovine you suggested a desire to remain objective. If the mantra is still “Right to Choose”, how is CSC facilitating that idea by charging interested parties a fee, and then only provide a limited list of producers, subject to their discernment. Right to choose? Depends on what choices we give them… right? Just like the Government. You can have Pasteurized or Super Pasteurized. At least you have a choice.

  107. thebovine

    Peter, do you think that raw milk suppliers/farmers who want to continue operating “under the radar” would want to be publicly identified on The Bovine?

  108. thebovine

    So, the best we can do is refer people to Cow Share Canada.

  109. Raquel Rumor

    I would love to have the contact information for this cow share farmer.

  110. Ioannis Georgiou

    Hi there, I just moved to Scarborough, Ontario (GTA) and I’m interested in getting my hands on raw goat milk. Can you please send me an email with more information about where I can find raw milk near where I live? Thanks in advance.

  111. Ian

    I am looking for milk in King Township. Any ideas as to where I should look?

  112. thebovine

    Try joining Cow Share Canada. Link on right column.

  113. Rus

    this would be really amazing if I knew where to find it, please please do tell where I can find something like this, I miss the real taste

  114. Peter

    Sorry… my apologies… I just looked up the word “insinuate” and it seems to have a definition negative in nature (sly / crafty). That was not at all my intent. Again, my apologies. Should perhaps have read “You have previously suggested that …”.

  115. Laura

    Hi I m Laura I live on the west end of Toronto I m looking forward to find some raw milk around here! Cheers

  116. melanie

    looking to find others in the yonge/eglinton area of toronto who would be interested in sourcing raw milk

  117. Elena

    Hi, I’m in Vaughan and would like to buy some raw milk and cheese, yogurt and butter from grass fed cows and/or goats. Thank you 🙂

  118. Jaime

    Hi there – I live in the Toronto west area and am interested in purchasing raw milk/cheese and yogurt from grass fed cows. Please help if you can!

  119. Ghaz


    I’m looking to purchase raw milk. I’m interested in the cow share program or whatever is easier.

    Thank you,


  120. Henry

    Please send me contract info i would love some raw milk.

  121. sunny singh

    Hi! live in brampton ont looking to buy raw milk please help me for the location nearby

  122. Amber

    Hey I live in Toronto and I would love to buy raw milk! Could you please give me this farmer’s contact info?

  123. There are choices out there folks. It just takes a lot of detective work or knowing a person who already belongs to find them. Unfortunate but there is not a lot of trust out there these days and the ones that continue to do it are having a harder time continuing because of the overheads of keeping animals, hours involved, etc,unless they are a hobbyist and have another income to subsidize what they do. If people really want to see these operators continue in a sustainable way they are going to have to ask themselves:”What is your health worth to you?” reality is they can’t compete with the store prices or with the U.S. suppliers. With that the second question becomes:” Are we willing to support our own farmers or not?”

  124. Nal

    I live in Toronto and would love to know how to get raw milk, please!

  125. it’s easier to find cheese made from raw milk.

  126. Terrance Bacchus

    Hi I live in Mississauga and im in urgent need of Raw Milk. please send me the info to get it!

  127. sunny singh

    Please send the location tobuy raw milk near brampton north east

  128. Bobby

    Can anybody help me to find raw milk seller. please /

  129. Ali Hemraj

    If this contact is still availale, would really appreciate if anyone could share it at

    I am looking to get my son who has allergies into this milk to help him get better.

  130. ana

    can you please send me the info on this farmer thank you

  131. Adriana Perez

    Hi, I live in Toronto and I’d like to get raw milk to make homemade formula for my baby. Please get back to me with info. Thank you!

  132. amrit

    Hi! live in brampton ont looking to buy raw milk please help me for the location nearby

  133. Jane

    I think that is very wrong that it is prohibited to sell row milk in Ontario.
    I would love to buy raw milk. Please advise me where to go my email
    Thank you


  134. Gordana

    I live in Brampton, ON and i am would like to buy raw milk.would you know any nearby farms or stores

  135. farah

    I live in Toronto,ON and i love to buy rawmilk too. can you please give me inforation or address about this milker. I will be grateful

  136. Yev

    I live in Toronto and would love some information too!
    Just looked at all the comments and they span something like 4 – 5 years. Can’t believe there’s been no change on the issue since then.

  137. Ira

    I have some suggestion regarding cow share near Guelph.
    Pls. contact me.

  138. Toghyan Hamdard

    This is absolutely great. Ide like to get an address to this farmer ASAP. My family and I would like to make a switch.

  139. saira it possible to get the information on this person? It would be great if you can forward the information to me! Thanks 🙂

  140. Opinions of Anothinker

    I live in the Toronto area and would love to find a farmer from which I could purchase raw milk. Could you reply to me with the information that you have for this farmer?
    I have been searching everywhere and when I found your blog I was so relieved! Waiting to hear from you and thanks!
    My email is

  141. Maxime leblanc

    Hello, i am interested in getting raw milk, if theres anyone who has successfully acquired some and know of a way to get some id like to be involved and purchase some raw milk.

    thank you!

  142. Glen C

    I as well am interested in raw milk for cheese making, any info or contact info would be greatly appreciated. ty

  143. Mo

    Hi There,

    Is there anyway for people on holidays in Canada to purchase raw milk? I live in UK and my 2 years old daughter drinks raw milk (cow – )

    I would be very grateful for your help on this matter. I will be in the Toronto area from 21/08/2014 to 19/09/2014. I will probably need 15 to 20 litres.

    Many thanks in advance.


  144. Jasmine Nielsen

    Hello bizzare as this sounds my son has been asking to milk a cow for about 2 months now. I am wondering if you could point me in a direction that will lead to someone saying “yes” you can or at least watch. Thanks, jasmine Nielsen

  145. Maria

    I’m looking for where I can find raw butter in the Toronto area? Any information will be appreciated 🙂

  146. julie

    I live in the Mississauga area and would also like to get my hands on some raw milk. Thanks J

    • Geffect

      did u find any one selling whole milk.. ?
      i would like to get one , dont care about raw or boiled but should be whole nothing taken out or put in.

  147. Annette

    Please please can I have the info for this I am so very interested 🙂

  148. Mona

    I am looking for some cow milk from
    That cow who has baby boy calf
    If it is possible pl send me message by my e mail . I live in toronto area
    I also want to continue cow sharing
    Pl help me out .
    Thank you

  149. Margaret

    My farm share co-op is looking for new members. Contact me for info/details.

  150. Mike

    I can share with a cow or if you know any other way to get some raw milk. Please help.

  151. Sofia

    Hi I am interested in this farmers contact info can u please send it to me

  152. Jason


    Could you also please send me the contact info? I have been searching for a raw milk supplier in the Toronto area for quite a while.

    Thanks a million,

  153. Sab

    I live in Brampton and would like the contact info for the raw milk farmer.

  154. Erik

    Hi just wondering if anyone was able to get some info on the raw milk and/or grass fed butter. I’m in Oakville as well. Here’s my email Thanks!

  155. Geffect

    I would like to put a cow in my backyard.. can i do that im in mississauga

  156. Tim

    I am in mississauga can someone please send me info where i can buy raw milk. on regular basis.

  157. Uzair

    Hello, I hope you are still active on this blog to respond because I would love if you could send me the contact info as well. I was previously receiving raw milk from another provider but it was quite aways from where I live (live in East Toronto, but had to travel west-wards to get the milk). Ultimately became too difficult and non-feasible to continue. Thank you!

  158. Ash

    Hi. I’d like the info for getting the raw milk please. Thanks

  159. Paula H

    I am very interested in Raw milk. Please send me info

  160. Tara Ramkhelawan

    Please please send me any info you have on how to get myself some raw milk! I live in downtown Toronto.

  161. anam

    Hi, I would like to get more info on raw milk for Toronto and Guelph….Thanks

  162. mahima

    Hi I live in Brampton and want to buy raw milk. Please send me the information. Thanks

  163. arlene Lee


    I want to be able to buy raw milk (whole with cream) and live in Toronto. I can drive nearby 1-2 hours. I would appreciate a referral to an organic grass-fed dairy source.


  164. diana bay

    Yes could you please send me the infu about this farmer, regarding raw whole milk.

    Thank you so much


  165. susan

    Hi, I am looking for raw goats milk in york region area preferably, thanks my email is

  166. Wais

    I live in Vaughan and would dearly love to be able to source raw milk. Please send me the info on any farmers within driving distance. Thank you so much. I really love to get some raw milk

  167. royhammy

    During or after the Schmidt trial I read an article where the Ontario Gov. estimated that 80,000 people in Ontario had access to raw dairy. Has any on seen this article or can they send me a copy.. (

  168. Mimi

    Please forward to me if shares are still available

  169. Brittany

    I would love more info please

  170. Abida Mahmood

    Is this still available, I’m interested

  171. marijana

    Hi .
    I would love the info about purchase of the cow or what ever way to get to buy raw milk.please CAN you send me info .even goat milk .

  172. michelle

    I live in Oshawa….Wondering if there is a farmer located reasonably near by that I can regularly purchase goats milk from??

    Much appreciated!

    • Lavinia


      We are a small goat farm operation and can supply gently pasteurized goat milk in the GTA area. Wonderful texture – clean milk. Saanen breed.

  173. Andy

    Hi I am in Mississauga and would like to buy raw milk from nearby area

  174. Jesse

    Do you know anybody in the smithville/grimbsy/Niagara region that would have a cow/goat share program or fresh milk?

  175. Saf

    Hello, thank you for sharing this option with us! Can I please get the info? TIA

  176. Arlene

    Hi there, I would be interested in getting information about the farmer too as I’m trying to source raw milk. I’m from Toronto. Many thanks!

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