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MPP Randy Hillier’s private member’s bill to address the challenge of raw milk

Here’s an excerpt from a story by William Joseph, published on The Western Standard blog, and titled “Randy Hillier supporting Ontario farmer”:

“I didn’t have time to do an introductory paragraph earlier before posting, with excitement, about Randy Hillier. So here is my intro post, one post late. As you can see from the name at the bottom, my name is William Joseph and I am new to The Shotgun. I am from Toronto and work in the finance industry. I am a libertarian, so most of my posts will be about some type of pro-liberty politician or news story. I am also a food nut, so if there is an issue having to do with both liberty and food, you can be sure that I will be talking about it.

So that leads me nicely into my post about how Randy Hillier is supporting Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt, who was charged with selling raw milk and fined $55,000. In response, Randy Hillier proposed a private members bill to change the Milk Act. Continue reading

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