Kids for raw milk fundraising concert coming Sat., April 18th, 2009 at the Village Market, Vaughan, Ontario

Howdy Pardners!!!!

If I were a healthy man... Fiddler on the cow, coming April 18th

"If I were a healthy man..." It's Fiddler on the Barn... well actually, it's "Kids for Raw Milk", coming April 18th.

Kids for Raw Milk are doin’ a down home music fun-filled mornin’ at the Village Market!!!!

When?  Saturday April 18th

Why? To Raise Money for the Legal Defense Fund

because these kids support raw milk and love the farm and cows!!!!!!!

There’ll be some singin’, music makin’ and some fiddlin’ that ya just might like to kick up your heels to.     

Some come on out….participate (kids of all ages welcome), listen, laugh, and contribute to the cause.

Note:  The location of the Village Market is at the Toronto Waldorf School, 9100 Bathurst St., Vaughan.

Village Market website here.

See report on previous Kids for Raw Milk concert here.

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One response to “Kids for raw milk fundraising concert coming Sat., April 18th, 2009 at the Village Market, Vaughan, Ontario

  1. Milkmen USA

    It is getting better all the time. We are going to call Ecorazzi and get some heavy hitter entertainers on this right away. Next week, we have a meeting with State representatives to discuss the raw deals we all are getting and why it is coming close to all out revolution. It is time to march.

    Also check out the Farmland Conference with Working Lands Alliance, a project of American Farmland Trust. This Saturday, March 27th at Yale University – Kroon Hall. We will also stop in to see the “Secret Societies” and discuss with some masons what happened to the dollar bill and George Washington. Shush, it is a secret. By the way, Kroon Hall at Yale was transformed from a site of a defunct powerplant into a low-carbon home for its School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. It looks like an elegant rendition of a New England barn. Taking into account on site renewable energy generation, the 67,000 square feet academic building is projected to consume 58 percent less energy than a code-compliant building of similar size and use. Now ask Yale or Cornell to think about designing a sustainable agricultural unit; a dairy barn. Add to that some grass and a field to graze in, plenty of exercise, a drug free life, great hay and other cow feeds, and then a barn big enough for the cows to dance in, and we have a happy cow with great tasting – healthy milk. Now make a raw milk facility work like Mark McAfee’s or Michael Schmidt’s. Now we are making music and the people are healthy.

    Give all the milk to the milkmen. They will deliver it and at a price good for the farmers of milk and dairy.

    Aloha for now.

    The Milkmen USA

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