Mucking around in the political matrix

Michael Schmidt has just sent out an email suggesting that his supporters join the Conservative Party so they can support Randy Hillier’s leadership bid:

L-R:MPP Randy Hillier, Sean McGivern, Michael Schmidt and MPP Bill Murdoch outside the media room at Queens Park prior to Michael Schmidts press conference last winter

L-R:MPP Randy Hillier, Sean McGivern, Michael Schmidt and MPP Bill Murdoch outside the media room at Queen's Park prior to Michael Schmidt's press conference last winter

Hello Friends and Cow Share owners.MPP Randy Hillier is Running for the Ontario Leadership of the Conservative Party. He is currently representing the riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and additionally holds a seat at Queens Park. This is the same man that fought for years without pay or recognition to bring rights of rural Canadians to light to reveal the unjust acts of governing bureaucratic officiers throughout his lead of the Landowner organization. He is now working to improve Canada and Ontario from within the government itself.

NO MATTER WHAT PARTY YOU NORMALLY SUPPORT….If you would like to help Randy move forward and have the opportunity to run in the next election for Ontario Leader please join the membership and place your vote to get his name on the ballot.  You first need to join the PC party for $10 BEFORE May 14, 2009.  Go to and click on ‘JOIN  NOW’…Fill out the form and pay online. Thats it until June when we can vote for him..but you have to be a member first.

I am not usually one to join groups or organizations but I feel that our governments have been running so unorganized and disruptive to many peoples lives, that I feel that we have to take a stand to create change and support those that are willing to fight for that change on our behalf.

If you want to  know more about Randy please go to his website and read about him or ask me directly. I have known Randy for many years now he is an honest hardworking man with dignity and good moral judgement. Those are qualities that government members from all parties are considerably lacking. If you have any questions about Randy or joining the PC Party please feel free just ask. Again this does not mean that you have to be conservative I realize many of you aren’t. Randy has supported our RAW MILK battle from day one. You may remember when he came to Queens Park in December 2006 to speak at our Raw Milk rally. He was also the only politician who had the guts to publicly condemn the 55 000.- Dollar fine of the contempt of court ruling.

If we all sign up, then we can be part of changing politics from within.

Randy has been so fundamental in raising the awarness of the lack of fundamental justice in this country.

Yes we can make a difference. Sign up and then vote for Randy.

Change is possible.

Cheers Michael

Editor’s note: Randy’s run for the leadership reminds me of David Orchard’s work with both the federal Liberal and Conservative parties in recent years. David is an organic farmer from northern Saskatchewan whose support and supporters were instrumental in helping elect Stephane Dion as Liberal leader. Some years earlier, David was a leadership candidate for the federal Progressive Conservatives. When it became clear he would not be elected leader, David threw his support behind Peter McKay, with a written agreement from Peter that he would not merge the party with the Reform party . After winning the leadership with David Orchard’s help, Peter McKay did merge with Reform, and excluded David from membership in the newly formed Conservative party. 

Here was a guy who devoted himself to working within the mainstream channels of both major political parties in an effort to effect change in the Canadian political process. He even ran in a subsequent byelection in his own riding, on Stephane Dion’s suggestion, only to have his candidacy nullified midway through the campaign when the higher-ups parachuted in a handpicked candidate — who was originally from another party no less. One might be forgiven for thinking that someone up there in the behind-the-scenes power elites either did not like David Orchard, or did not like what he stood for. As it happened, the Liberals lost that byelection.

It will be interesting to see how Randy’s run for the leadership plays out. My perception is that there are not a lot of other compelling candidates in the field. Maybe he’ll be able to achieve what Ron Paul couldn’t quite manage — return the party to its root values, address fundamental issues no one else was willing to talk about, and generate enough enthusiasm among delegates to win the leadership. Wouldn’t that be fun!



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5 responses to “Mucking around in the political matrix

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and it has introduced me to the issue of raw milk and so far has been very informative. Thank you!

    But please, PLEASE do not start writing about politics on your blog. Blogs that are specialized but then start talking about politics are just unbelievably disappointing. Your blog is such a great resource that I don’t want to have to ditch it because of your politics.

  2. thebovine

    Francois, do I understand you wouldn’t like to see a particular political party be pushed here? I hope it doesn’t look like that’s what happening.

    Nevertheless, I think that a lot of what’s discussed here properly falls under the category of “Politics of Food”. And that somehow, at the very least, concerned people need to voice their views on food and agriculture related issues to their elected representatives, or abandon government to the dictates of corporate lobbyists.

    Personally I think there’s not a lot to choose from between the major political parties in Canada. Which is not to say that it’s worthless for someone with a minority point of view to participate in the way that Randy Hillier is doing and attempting to do.

    I think the whole question of whether and how it’s possible to effect change through the major political parties is a very significant one, and that’s why I find David Orchard’s work so interesting.

    Hope I’m not putting you off with further talk about politics.

  3. I’ve got nothing against you talking about the politics of food, because what you do is mostly deconstruction. When you start propping up a politico, though, I start to cringe.

    “And that somehow, at the very least, concerned people need to voice their views on food and agriculture related issues to their elected representatives, or abandon government to the dictates of corporate lobbyists.”

    I disagree with you on that, but I don’t want to start a political debate. But what I will say is this: once you start inscribing the raw milk issue within the democratic logic, you will inevitably start compromising facts to conform to political processes, other interest groups, popular opinion, and so on. That’s how the democratic logic operates.

    “Personally I think there’s not a lot to choose from between the major political parties in Canada.”

    One thing we can agree on!

  4. Michael

    It is indeed a worthwhile exercise to examine IF one should enter into the political debate, which involves our black and white view of party politics.
    Randy Hillier himself I think is not in there because of the party politics. Ever since he entered into the public with his activism as leader of the Landowners Association and his first hand experience of Government abuse of our fundamental rights he made it clear that we all have a responsibility to act and not always be forced to react.
    I very much agree with you how one can muddy the water on important issues if party politics get’s in the way.
    Randy as I see it entered into the race of the Conservative Leadership not as a career politician. He entered as someone who explored the democratic system and uses it to receive a mandate from all those who see in him a real chance for change.
    To separate these issues from politics might make the divide even bigger between us and them. We ARE the ones who are responsible who gets elected. I always look at the integrity of the person and then vote.
    I hope that helps
    Regards Michael

  5. We’re gonna have to agree to disagree on that one.

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