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“Food Safety” bills vs true food security

Here is an open letter to U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, written by rancher Mike Callicrate. It comes with this introduction from our correspondent:

 This “food” issue is about way more than dangerous meat. It’s about national security. Callicrate is rightfully attacking NAIS, which is central to all of Big Ag’s “food safety” bills in congress. Those bills end US sovereignty over our food and farming, making the WTO dominant over US law.  And NAIS helps set up WTO control here. But if US sovereignty doesn’t matter, perhaps what Callicrate describes here, might. LATER NOTE: Mike’s letter (below) has subsequently been made into a petition. Click here for that.

A Google search for Advanced Meat Recovery led to this picture of Mechanically-separated chicken

A Google search for "Advanced Meat Recovery" led to this picture of "Mechanically-separated chicken". Yummy!

‘Even with the specter of Mad Cow disease, USDA continues to block routine testing and allows processors to grind the brain and spinal tissue of domestic and imported animals into our sausage and ground beef patties. (AMR, or Advanced Meat Recovery, optimizes meat yield through a special process of pulverizing meat and bone scraps into a paste which is pelleted and added to many meat products.)'”

Mike sez:

“An open letter to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack:

Will we eat from our own backyards or beg food from big agribusiness?

By Mike Callicrate

Pulitzer Prize winning author Charles Simic once wrote, “Stupidity is the secret spice historians have difficulty identifying in this soup we keep slurping.” Continue reading

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