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New Jersey may legalize raw milk

Now here’s a good news story for a change. New Jersey legislators are seeing the light and talking about doing what their people want by legalizing raw milk sales in the state. Here’s a link to a video from NJ.com followed by an excerpt from a news story by Gene Robbins from the Hunterdon County Democrat:

New Jersey considers the option of legal raw milk.

New Jersey considers the option of legal raw milk.

 “Some people might like the taste, or think they are drinking a more nutritious product. People who fear chemicals in the environment and cattle feed see it as ‘getting back to nature.’ 

Farmers think about the possibility of another product to sell to increase their incomes. Another group of people see it as a free-market, freedom-of-choice issue.

The issue is raw milk — that is, untreated straight from the cow. For years, it has been illegal to sell it in New Jersey, although there’s a movement now to release it from law’s ban once again.

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