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Medical Fascism in “Land of the Free”?

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story on the Campaign for real health blog — described as a cross between Drudge and Mercola — titled “Medical Fascism in the “Land of the Free”: The Flexner Report”. This seems to be a big part of the reason why the raw milk option is so “under attack” today, because it represents a threat to the market for medical services and drugs. If people can get rid of their chronic diseases through nutrition, that’s sure going to cut into the market for pharmaceuticals. Which is why we need to govern as if people mattered (to paraphrase “Small is Beautiful” author E.F. Schumacher) rather than as if corporate profit trumps all.

Land of the free? Or ward of the medically challenged?

Land of the free? Or ward of the medically challenged?

The popularity of alternative/natural healing modalities is at an all-time high. The freedom to pursue those approaches is under constant  and unrelenting assault. Why is this? How did we get to where we are today?

If your child has cancer, do you have the freedom to seek the treatment of YOUR choice?  Answer: NO. The recent headlines attest to this as an international manhunt pursued a mother trying to get natural cancer therapies for her teenage son. Call it Manhunt Medicine. Did you ever ask yourself why the “authorities” deemed the situation so dire that an international manhunt — usually reserved for the most dangerous criminals — was undertaken? Or how about this: have you asked yourself why raw milk is illegal in most states when it has been repeatedly proven to be  far safer and more nutritious than the dead pasteurized version from cows fed an unnatural diet and penned up unnaturally their whole lives, given drugs, hormones and antibiotics all in the name of   increased milk production? Continue reading

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