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Food Inc. movie opens June 19th — industry damage control gears up

I’ve often thought that a comprehensive solution to the problem of processed foods would be a ban on artificial flavours and fragrances. If people’s senses were no longer being tricked, they would soon stop eating these so-called “foods” because, without the “makeup” of artificial tastes and smells, I doubt that these industrial products would still make for an appealing snack or meal, let alone part of anyone’s “complete childhood”. 

Its about time food got some ink!

It's about time food got some ink!

But if the masses were to suddenly “go off their feed”, there could be an immediate shortage of the “real” alternative foods. Perhaps a gradual phase-out would be more feasible than an outright ban. Still, looking at the direction that government legislation on food has been going (gung ho for GMOs and their ilk), I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for action.

Still, the Food Inc. movie is a step in the right direction of building public awareness around questions like “what are we really eating?”. Here are excerpts from excellent reviews of the movie on The Ethicurian ,PBS, NPR and the San Francisco Chronicle. 

The Ethicurian:

“….You’ve most likely heard about “Food, Inc.,” the new documentary about the U.S. industrial food system. (Watch trailer, [at bottom of post])

The buzz for the film is intense, amplified by an aggressive marketing campaign by Participant Media Productions (the people who midwifed “An Inconvenient Truth,” to which this is being compared).

“Food Inc.” opens in limited release today [June 12], and more widely on June 19. It’s already been extensively, and favorably reviewed: Metacritic.com assigns the film an above-average critics’ score of 82/100, which doesn’t include recent thumbs-up from the New York Times and the Atlantic. Continue reading


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