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Fox News kills TV story on Monsanto’s rBGH growth hormone for dairy cows & PBS slants healthcare “documentary”

Here’s a great video describing an extremely well-documented case of news manipulation on a story involving Monsanto. This story is from a few years back, so if you pay attention to alternative news sources, you may already have heard it. Stay tuned though, there’s more recent news to follow. 

We found this video on the Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition.

And lest you think these sorts of things happen only at corporate broadcasters like Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, here’s a recent story about news distortion at PBS, which you’d think would be an exemplar of responsible news gathering in America.

But what were we thinking? “They” wouldn’t want Americans to learn that there are countries out there  — Canada for instance — which don’t rely on corporations to provide medical insurance coverage.  American medical insurance corporations wouldn’t like that one bit! Continue reading


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