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Poet/farmer Wendell Berry tells USDA he’s willing to go to jail over NAIS

Here’s evidence that Ontario raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt is not the only farmer willing to go to jail in support of people’s right of access to healthy food. As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the USDA has been holding listening sessions around the country in recent weeks to help build public consensus in support of the implemetation of NAIS (National Animal Identification System). And consensus has certainly been building, but it’s a consensus that NAIS is not needed or wanted in any form whatsoever. Here’s a report from the session in Kentucky, by Kristen M. at the Food Renegade blog:

Poet/farmer Wendell Berry speaks at NAIS listening session in Kentucky.

Poet/farmer Wendell Berry speaks at NAIS listening session in Kentucky.

“The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) listening sessions taking place across the country came to Kentucky last month. Wendell Berry, the agrarian poet and small farm activist, was there.

Story after story from these listening sessions has confirmed one thing: small farmers across the country are 100% opposed to the NAIS legislation. As you probably already know, NAIS promises to require every single livestock animal in America to be identified and tagged — no matter the size of the operation. So, you’ve got a few backyard chickens? Some milking goats? A small free-range pig farm? Say hello to expensive tagging & government paperwork. Not only will NAIS be so burdensome as to put many small scale farmers out of business, but it is a huge infringement on our liberties…”

“….Read the text of his testimony:
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